Product Love

Smoothie Start Breakfast Scrub - So my Nae-Nae girl has that Keritosis Pilaris bumpy skin issue and her doctor suggested we use sugar scrubs on her skin a couple times a week to help smooth it. Now normally I like to make my own coffee scrubs but I didn't want to use coffee on her and I easily could have made a scrub which I prob will next time to add in some oils to further help the issue but I wanted to just treat her and myself to a yummy smelling product since it's not exactly "fun" to have to do this to a 6 year old...although she does always comment about how good her skin feels afterwards ;-) But anyway, I can't tell that it helps her skin that much but it does make both our skin feel super soft otherwise and it smells delicious! Perfect Target product in my opinion to through in a gift basket or  just a fun little at home spa day for yourself or your little girl!

Smashbox Cheek & Lip Stick I'm loving this guy and I have a makeup video coming up that I show how I personally use it. It's everything, eye-lip-cheek....whatever! It comes in a many colors so the particular color I got is for highlighting and not my lips. Its a quick and easy to use product! Be on the look out for my 5 minute - 6 product easy everyday makeup video coming probably next week! (I have a 5 minute hair video later this week!!)

Say Hello to Sexy Legs Tinted Glow Gel HELLO SPRING TIME!!! Also, HELLO PALE LEGS!!! haha! So I grabbed this stuff to help polish my skin and add some glow until I get it naturally from the pool this summer. I haven't used it a ton yet since we aren't totally into shorts season but I've read great things about it. But when I have applied it it does have a very pretty glow to it!!

Just Natural Body Acne Treatment So with both Sadie and Jay right around 5 months or so postpartum I've gotten some back breakouts. I'm guessing this is surely hormonal since I noticed it the exact same timeframe after both my last two babies. So, again, because we are going into warmer weather and I'll be in more tank tops and swim suits I wanted to try to see if I can get some of this eliminated. I don't always use it because sometimes I don't want to smell like it (it is not a bad smell at all...its just strong) and also its not always easy to apply to certain blemishes if Tom isn't around to help me. But I do think it helps dry up the spots. 

Dove Dry Spray Lets talk hormones again. It's the only reason I can think of that randomly last year when pregnant I suddenly couldn't bear to use regular stick deodorant. I tried many different kinds and had been using the Clinical Secret kind for years but all the sudden it was itching me SO BAD. I was seriously scratching until I had raw spots under my arms! SO CRAZY! So I did switch to their like creamy one (not the gel like one) and it did help a LOT. It didn't bother me near as bad but I would still occasionally have issues. So Tom kept trying to tell me to try an aerosol one. I tried another brand first  because to be honest I'm not a fan of Dove products in general but the one I tried literally choked me up every time I used it. I could not breathe when it went airborne. The deodorant was great but I just could not NOT choke and cough every time I used it. Thats when Tom INSISTED I try Dove because he LOVES his mens Dove aerosol. Like, since when does a guy actually care about any product? hahaha but I was like ok, I'll try your Dove brand...and I LOVE IT. It doesn't cause me any issues when I spray it and I think it works really well.  Never did I think I'd be writing about deodorant but after all the issues I've randomly had this last year with deodorants I felt like I needed to share that this one is really great!

Yes to Tomatoes Mask - Who doesn't love a little spa day!! I have been getting these cheap "paper masks" from Target for me and Nae every one in a while. They are so fun and way less messy than a mud mask. I really liked this detoxifying charcoal mask!! Again, like the scrub at the beginning of this post this is a great inexpensive treat for yourself at home or to throw into a gift! Love them!

So those are some great products I've been using lately!! You know me! I love to try new stuff!! So let me know if you have any MUST HAVE new recommendations! 

And be on the lookout for a couple 5 MINUTE quick hair and makeup videos coming up!!! 

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Spring Shopping!

While Spring and Summer clothing isn't actually my favorite I'm very excited this year to not be pregnant and be a tad more comfortable! So I wanted to share some of my FAVORITE pieces I've gotten here and there over the last couple months. I tend to buy a full season ahead. I like to just buy as I see things I like rather than it all the sudden be warm and I have to do a whole shopping spree. So I'd say I've been snagging things here and there since Jan. I'm not fitting in all my old clothes yet but I am some of them so I'm feeling less panicked about having to buy all new clothes.

So my picks and trends I wanted to share are shown above. I finally went for it and got some Tory Burch flip flops. Last year all my other flip flops bit the dust so this year meant new ones. I'll prob still get a brown pair but probably more in the Target price range ;-)

The nude sandals are from Target and I'm BEYOND happy with them. I had been eyeballing these from Nordstrom which have a price tag triple what I paid at good 'ol Target!!!

I call this one a big WIN! They are crazy comfortable and my test is that I won't buy shoes if I don't think I could comfortably carry around my baby in them. These passed. Not too high or hard to walk in!

I'm  a sucker for white shorts and frayed shorts. (ok. I don't actually LOVE shorts at all if you have read here for very long you prob know that already, but they are kinda of necessary option when chasing kids all around) Over the last couple years I've gotten very picky about them tho. I almost only buy split hem frayed shorts now because I do enjoy the extra booty coverage back there. It's a little hard to see in the picture but you can see at the sides the back inseam drops down another 1-1.5 inches. Thank you to whoever making these.

And then I grabbed these pink J Crew Factory shorts. They are pull on so that equals comfy. They are looser fit in the legs and have some cute pockets. The material is a little heavier and stiffer so for a pull on short they look really nice and could be worn with those sandals above or you can pair with a tee and flip flops. Love the versatility of these guys! There are tons of other colors and prints...and I may end up needing another pair ;-)

White jeans! These are target...you can find white jeans anywhere though. But I think a spring and summer staple is white jeans. I adore white on bottom! I thought the zipper detail was fun on this pair though! And again, as most things with Target the price tag is super affordable.

I think I've mentioned Madewell tees before but I really like these. I always like to get a few basic black and white tees. They are just so easy to dress up with a blazer or throw on with your jean shorts and just be at a park!

Finally anything cold shoulder and exaggerated sleeves is right on point right now. I got this one on zulily a while back but I've already worn it a few times and adore it. The first time I put it on, Tom actually immediately commented that he has never seen a shirt more "me"....BONUS POINTS TO YOU BABE! I mean when your man notices and likes something thats always the best, right ladies?

So those are some of my favorite trends and pieces for the upcoming warm weather! What all are you guys buying!!?

Looking out -- I have a small product haul to share with you guys and then a little recap of a change we made in our playroom!
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You guys...sometimes it just takes a single innocent and almost completely irrelevant remark from someone to seriously make it all make sense. To finally have the "ah-ha" moment you have been subconsciously trying to get to for what seems like quite a while....

So it went down like this... Tom & my Dad had the bigs out one Saturday evening a month or so ago for a big event and my Mom and I stayed back with the Sadie bopper. Mom was making baby food to freeze for lil miss thang (she has made baby food for all her grand-babies)...we had just gotten back from church where I had just had a whole different revelation that was not even close to church related and she can't stop giving me grief for that. lol Y'all it had to do with shoes. Thats all I'm gonna say. I clearly lost focus at some point during that mass. I digress... So it was like 7:15 or so and I was like "well I gotta go put Sades to bed and then I'll be back down to help. " a few moments passed and I made a comment like "I wish she didn't go to bed this early. It makes the evenings so short"....and then Mom was like "well why are you putting her to bed this early. She doesn't even seem tired" And, then I walked upstairs and I put her to bed. She went right to sleep like she always does even though she didn't seem really tired. Ok, so why was that her bedtime?? ALL THREE of my babies, as newborns, always just couldn't handle life after about 7:30. So that became their bedtime as babies. However the difference with Sadie is she is just cool with whatever. She is past the newborn fussy evening phase where she did at one point NEED to be asleep at 7:30...and she just rolls with the punches most of the time. Mom was right! She didn't seem tired. She almost never does. She just does what you want her to! (FOR NOW! gah! payback, I'm SURE will be a b***h someday) So, I was nursing her that night & putting her to bed and thats when it. all. made. sense. Cue the drumline (OMG DID YOU KNOW I HAVE A MAJOR THING FOR DRUMLINES??? I LOOOOOVE THEM), doves flying over, a couple fireworks, and maybe a small parade too.


We have not had a very difficult transition to three children. (I am always interested to see what transition is hardest for people because everyone has a different answer. Ours is still 0-1 child was the hardest to us) It IS a LOT more...but hasn't necessarily been "difficult" in itself. 3 kids is NO JOKE. I give major props to anyone with more than three. My mind can't even go there. But, what HAS been DIFFICULT has been adjusting to full time kindergarten, homework, Jay going to preschool, throw in some extra circulars for each big kid, a third child, Tom making a career switch this last year which includes a slightly different departure and arrival time for him each day. All of those big changes in our entire family has been DIFFICULT. Not in a bad way at all. Don't get me wrong. This post is not about me whining AT ALL. These are all GOOD THINGS.... It is just a LOT. A lot of change. Trying to make it all work and trying to make all those changes in a very short period of time (6 months)

So back to the church bells and small parade (ok, lets make it large like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade while we are at it. This is my celebration so I'll make it what I want. lol) The moment I realized I had to stop trying to make it all work the way it was. I was trying to make it all fit. Fit like nothing had changed at all. Every single family member has had a big life change this year!!! Thats CRAZY, people!! I pinkie promise....I went up and nursed that night thinking about her bedtime and then all the sudden I remembered something from either a devotional (The Savor)....or  a Jen Hatmaker book....I can't remember where I read it but it was at least a year ago ....that some phases of life you REBUILD and sometimes you are just on cruise control or something like that. Both phases are good! Actually, not just good, they are GREAT. But its SO IMPORTANT to know which phase you are in and embrace it so you can THRIVE!

Hello. I'm Val, and I failed to realized we needed to be in a re-build phase for like 6 months. (palm to forehead.) I think it all just happened so fast that I was too busy trying to "do it all" that I failed to realized I needed to re-evaluate and PERHAPS "rebuild".  Honestly, you guys...we moved her bedtime to 8 the next day. Our evenings feel INFINITELY longer from that day with just that little shift. Her bedtime means nothing to you all, I get that. This is just how all this came about in my head and is one of the small changes that has changed our current daily life.  We have made other adjustments here and there to make other areas that felt kinda off, work better with each and every person. Including me. My expectations. My ideas of what "HAS" to be done each day or week. It is all little stuff here and there that makes a huge impact all over. And the very biggest part of it is mindset! Knowing I'm not trying to make it all work exactly like it used to.  It just takes the pressure off all of us. Its OKAY to be in a phase of making many adjustments.

Hairstylist Janae was giving Sadie a perm with a food saver. HAHA!
We do not have it all together. Honestly, most of the time we are on the hot mess express. And we all know NO ONE has it all together!!!! But I wrote this today to share that if you haven't ever actually consciously acknowledged your life in phases like "rebuilding" and "cruising" phase that maybe you should. Maybe it will make more sense and help you process why things are hard at the moment??and help you feel better about certain times of life feeling difficult. If you are more of a Type B person then maybe none of this applies. I'm kind of an A & B hybrid. Control. structure and consistency in certain parts of my life are imperative to my "peace". But then I'm a total spaz in so many ways too. For a person like me, to know why things aren't flowing like you THINK they SHOULD be, was such a game changer. When I read the bit on this originally I'm sure I just read it and never again thought of it until just weeks ago! It simply didn't apply when I read it and I had no reason for understanding the impact of those words and encouragement meant in that writing. For me, this epiphany took a load of my shoulders...and I shared this because I hope that maybe it strikes someone who needs it in their own sort of way...or maybe its just a little memory banked concept that will help you when you suddenly feel like you can't get your shit together ;-) HAHAHA!!

I wouldn't change a single thing y'all. I love our current season of life's chaos and all the reasons we have it. We feel so lucky and happy to have reasons to "rebuild" ...now that we know that is what we are supposed to be doing ;-)

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What We are Watching & Listening to...

We have been LOVING some You Tube entertainment as a family! Janae got us hooked on Smelly Belly and Jay adores The Axel Show. They are so cute in their own ways and we recently got hooked on Dude Perfect from a blogger that I follow. It's totally fun and I think giving Tom new life goals. <insert eye roll>

So MOST week nights we love to jam to some music after we eat dinner. I usually clean up kitchen while Tom and kids go play, dance, wrestle, burn energy while we blare our favorite songs. I thought I'd share our current favorite songs!! Jay loves "rock n roll" a LOT...Janae is a sucker for a good dance beat because that girl can't stop moving and groovin....and I've been loving some 90's/older songs! Although Hair Up from Trolls has been one of my main favorites for a family jam! 
But we love to play a good variety...new, old, ballads....everything. We have this portable speaker.. Tom had saved some best buy points at one point and got this for us a year or so ago and we have LOVED it.  It can go anywhere.(even outside since its waterproof) with us as we decide to move from room to room! But if your family likes music I would totally earmark a product like this for a family Christmas gift! Its worth it!! 

And finally I wanted to share some fun iPad apps!

from left to right-- Rolling Sky, Drawing Desk, Lego Junior, Dashy Crashy. We have been having a lot of fun with the kids on all these. We all enjoy all 4 of these. The rolling sky is hard for Jay but he is slowing getting better and better. The drawing app is so fun. As a fun little Mom thing...I love to draw something when they aren't around and then save it and make it their wallpaper on their iPad to surprise them. For Janae since we are working on reading I'll write her a note. For Jay I'll draw a cool truck or something. But I love seeing all the fun designs they come up with to. It has cute little stamp tools and such that you can use in that app. Its a fun one! Lego Juniors is such a fun little game that is right up Jay's alley. Janae enjoys it too from time to time but Jay loves when we hang out with him while he builds the vehicles and then does the course to unlock new people and trucks. Dashy Crashy is a little harder but it turned into an all afternoon family completion one Sunday. We all kept taking turns and then it turned into boys against girls It's been fun having the kids get old enough that we can all enjoy some of the same things! 

So thats some of our family entertainment we have been indulging in this winter. I have to say we are SO READY for nicer weather though so we can turn off the TV and iPads and get outside on more bike rides and get FRESH AIR!! But if you are in any sort of winter slump all this stuff is pretty family and age friendly that I shared!! 


Sadie and I face swapped the other week and I'm so happy with this...Tom HATES it.... but I think this is like pure GOLD. Please...if you are not already using an app that face swaps...DO IT. Its the best. I used MSQRD app.

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