What We are Watching & Listening to...

We have been LOVING some You Tube entertainment as a family! Janae got us hooked on Smelly Belly and Jay adores The Axel Show. They are so cute in their own ways and we recently got hooked on Dude Perfect from a blogger that I follow. It's totally fun and I think giving Tom new life goals. <insert eye roll>

So MOST week nights we love to jam to some music after we eat dinner. I usually clean up kitchen while Tom and kids go play, dance, wrestle, burn energy while we blare our favorite songs. I thought I'd share our current favorite songs!! Jay loves "rock n roll" a LOT...Janae is a sucker for a good dance beat because that girl can't stop moving and groovin....and I've been loving some 90's/older songs! Although Hair Up from Trolls has been one of my main favorites for a family jam! 
But we love to play a good variety...new, old, ballads....everything. We have this portable speaker.. Tom had saved some best buy points at one point and got this for us a year or so ago and we have LOVED it.  It can go anywhere.(even outside since its waterproof) with us as we decide to move from room to room! But if your family likes music I would totally earmark a product like this for a family Christmas gift! Its worth it!! 

And finally I wanted to share some fun iPad apps!

from left to right-- Rolling Sky, Drawing Desk, Lego Junior, Dashy Crashy. We have been having a lot of fun with the kids on all these. We all enjoy all 4 of these. The rolling sky is hard for Jay but he is slowing getting better and better. The drawing app is so fun. As a fun little Mom thing...I love to draw something when they aren't around and then save it and make it their wallpaper on their iPad to surprise them. For Janae since we are working on reading I'll write her a note. For Jay I'll draw a cool truck or something. But I love seeing all the fun designs they come up with to. It has cute little stamp tools and such that you can use in that app. Its a fun one! Lego Juniors is such a fun little game that is right up Jay's alley. Janae enjoys it too from time to time but Jay loves when we hang out with him while he builds the vehicles and then does the course to unlock new people and trucks. Dashy Crashy is a little harder but it turned into an all afternoon family completion one Sunday. We all kept taking turns and then it turned into boys against girls It's been fun having the kids get old enough that we can all enjoy some of the same things! 

So thats some of our family entertainment we have been indulging in this winter. I have to say we are SO READY for nicer weather though so we can turn off the TV and iPads and get outside on more bike rides and get FRESH AIR!! But if you are in any sort of winter slump all this stuff is pretty family and age friendly that I shared!! 


Sadie and I face swapped the other week and I'm so happy with this...Tom HATES it.... but I think this is like pure GOLD. Please...if you are not already using an app that face swaps...DO IT. Its the best. I used MSQRD app.

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What We Are Loving- Some Favorite Items!

Haaaaapy Thursday, friends! I wanted to share the first half of our *favorite* things lately, on here!!  (and by some, I mean more than you probably want to know) It's a very random selection since we are all different ages and have different interests but here it goes!... 

Obsessed with this toothpaste! Tom and I have been using like almost a week and we can tell a difference. I don't love sitting around with the crest strips on at all and they make my teeth sensitive. The hardest part is brushing the full 2 minutes because I'm totally guilty of not brushing that long normally! 
I always just covered my pumpkin seat with a cover with my other two but I have LOVED this milk snob cover for Sadie! It doubles as a nursing cover. I dont use it for that for two reasons...I just can't do the whole cover my kid up think while nursing....and honesty I just prefer to nurse somewhere private anyway. I don't have any problems with people nursing in public AT ALL..I just personally like no distractions and to have a little spot to sit and do my job in private ;-)

Ok so we started using the Honest brand diapers for multiple reasons. But, I ADORE them. Gosh I can't say enough good things. The price is on the higher end with Pampers... But all the positives of the Honest brand are worth my money. One of my favorite perks of using Honest is I love having a bundle show right on my door step up every 4-6 weeks (depending on how often you choose). I'm 100% on team Honest over here. If you are considering I sincerely suggest you try it out! I don't think you will be disappointed. 

Alright girl Mama's....I'm on girl #2 and my girls have never been headband lovers. How are you all doing it? In theory I like accessories but rarely wear much so I guess they prob just get it from me....but COME ON! Just do this for me girls! lol  I put them on Sadie...and always did Janae too but neither seem to love it a ton. BUT....These Baby Bling brand are kinda amazing and of all I've bought Sadie likes these the most. They are so stretchy and a "one size fits all" ...I think this brand has the best material and style/designs I've seen. They are mostly solid and simple which makes it easy to buy a few  that match most clothes and call it day. I've been ordering mine from Nordstrom. So if you have a little bow loving princess then I totally think you need to check these out! 
Ok so Tom had a lunch meeting at a casino months ago and he put 1 single dollar in a slot machine and he won like 1,200 dollars! ....and this is was the only thing he decided to buy with some of the winnings. <insert a major eye roll from me>  I was like SERIOUSLY?? THATS WHAT YOU CHOSE? A Playstation VR system?? I was over here like ummm are you 12??!! We could use a new mattress instead you fool!! hahaha Ok but seriously, I made major fun of this thing when he got it but now I'm completely eating my words. We have been having a ton of fun as family with it. I wish what I was going to say wasn't true but it is...but we had so much fun one day over Christmas break that I actually woke up and my arms were sore the next day from playing. This has been such a fun activity for the winter for us....and have even had the neighbors over a few times for everyone to play. 

 Jay is a LEGO MACHINE right now. (Janae calls him a "master Lego builder" and its the sweetest compliment) Cars, Trucks, Machines, ....creations ALL DAY LONG. It is ALL he is doing. We ran out of wheels you guys and he wants to save all his best creations so Amazon saved the day. Lego USED to make a wheel and axel set and DISCONTINUED IT! WHAT???? WHYYYYY??????? I found these sets on Amazon and it saved the day! I swear....my fingers hurt for DAYS putting these together though. #thethingsyoudoforyourkids

Janae loves to do everything crafty and artistic. But how many notebooks and pens and such can you just keep giving? I mean she LOVES those items the most but we wanted to expand her horizons for her birthday and we got her this camera and a scrapbook to keep the photos in. First of all it was a total hit. So much fun. She has really enjoyed it and has shockingly taken it so serious about using her film sparingly and only when she really wants a photo. We thought with their tendencies of snapping away with their iPad cameras that this may be a tough concept but she was like so serious from the first day. She loves seeing her photos develop and I'd be lying if I wasn't considering getting my own Instax camera because I just think they are too cool. I LOVE seeing these come back around and remind us all to have actual printed photos in hand instead of living in virtual/cloud sort of world!! 

The Hating Game...Reading is always something I enjoy but rarely make time for. This last weekend we were so low key and things just flowed like in that certain way that you can't plan or convince anyone of ...it just has to happen on its own. And I devoured this book. It was so good. I love Chic Lit. And this was just that at its best. 

So I bought this mascara maybe like 2 months aho and used it once and hated it??? Umm...but then I tried using it like 3 weeks ago and I'm obsessed now. HAHA I can't believe I thought I didn't like it. So weird because I think its FANTASTIC right now.  

And then there was this on the Today Show facebook yesterday and I'm DYING. I just HAD to include it on here today.
 I'm dead. 
I can't. 
I just can't....

This is the aunt I believe of the baby who was babysitting her and didn't want to set her down but wanted a sandwich. I just can't.  I literally can't type right now ...

....I can't even recover. This one had me crying laughing...

I have another post coming (hopefully by early next week) about our fav tv shows, iPad apps, and music list! 

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It has been a minute since I shared some family stuff on here so I thought I'd do a little "three" highlights/update again! 

Janae Rose

1. Is trying out a new dance class this semester called Dancapalooza. It is jazz based and much faster paced and she LOVES it. This girl likes to move!
2. Loves Smelly Belly TV on YouTube. Ok, ok...I like it too. I totally love to cuddle and watch it with her. Its a fun and cute family that just does the silliest things. For her 6th birthday we extended her bedtime 30 minutes and we love to stay up together drawing and watching Smelly Belly! 
3. She is working so hard on her reading and sound out words as she writes! Math is her favorite right now.

Jay Thomas

1. Jay is officially registered for Pre-K next year!! He will go two years since he has a summer birthday but he is SO EXCITED to go to school more days next year and participate in lunch bunch!
2. Legos!!!....more specifically car building is what fills his days. His creativity with Legos is exploding and I LOVE to see all his new creations. Lately we keep trying to see how long of a car we can make together!
3. He is working so hard on his ABC's and writing/spelling his name. We think he is a lefty, though he still tries to use his right hand some, so we have been working on both hands and trying to help him figure out how he wants to write. 

Sadie Claire

1. Was baptized a couple weeks ago and it was just the perfect day! 
2. Sadie had her first cold and ear infection over the last two weeks. But handled it like such a good girl. 
3. Hitting lots of milestones! Just started rolling over over the weekend. Sleeping at night in her room for a week or so now. And has taken a couple occasional bottles from ME now, as well as the random formula bottle thrown in every once in a while just so she gets sorta used to it before she gets too set in her ways. ;-)

Tom and I

1. We are just beyond happy and grateful and feeling so so so lucky and blessed to have each and every day with our family. #cuprunnethover
2. What I said above
3. Could probably use a little more sleep. lol

I had to throw this in because how awesome was this last weekend being 66 degrees and no need for coats!? We spent ALL weekend outside! 

Be back soon with some of our family favorites! Cant wait to share some of the things we have been loving! 
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Monday Motivation

Soooooooooo my baby weight isn't really coming off like it did the other two times. HA! I've accepted it. It's fine. I don't know if its that its my third baby and/or that I was older this time around or if my body is just tired or what but it didn't gain any extra...if anything not as much but I've been stuck at that same weight since about 2 weeks after I had lil miss. I kept waitng for my body to just snap back like it has in the past but I think I'm going to have to earn it this time. Which I can do. I want to. But, I'm NOT a fan of cardio and I will not diet as I'm still nursing. I do not sit around and snack or eat a ton of junk so there is nowhere to make changes in that aspect right now considering I need to keep my milk supply.  I'm ok with the size pants I'm wearing but I'm not ok with the amount of squishy I am. I'd really REALLY like to not have to buy ALL new clothes for spring and summer. Winter has been easier to work with what I have because layers are a muffin top belly's best friend but once the warmer seasons hit....we have a problem. 
and truly...I do believe my belly is visibly tighter than it was just a month ago so this photo isn't exactly a accurate representation of what I'm working on.
So, in mid December I found these on Pinterest and have been loving them because they are simple and quick. I don't have 30 min a day right now to work out but I can def find 10-15 min to complete some quick moves... and I'm actually beginning to see my tummy tighten and *maybe* even my legs and booty. I've focused most on my belly and waist though.

Per usual me....I have a hard time following rules and guidelines just as they are written so I'm kinda doing more of a mix and match of these challenges.
Anywhooooo I just thought I'd share these and the Blogilates site with y'all. They are super doable exercises if you are looking for something to get a jumpstart on your summer bod with then these might be a great option! I have high hopes of swimsuit shopping for a bikini in a couple months! Wish me luck! lol

Ps. Sadie was SO worth it. I totally choose happy sweet healthy baby over rockin bod ;-)
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