Monday Motivation

Soooooooooo my baby weight isn't really coming off like it did the other two times. HA! I've accepted it. It's fine. I don't know if its that its my third baby and/or that I was older this time around or if my body is just tired or what but it didn't gain any extra...if anything not as much but I've been stuck at that same weight since about 2 weeks after I had lil miss. I kept waitng for my body to just snap back like it has in the past but I think I'm going to have to earn it this time. Which I can do. I want to. But, I'm NOT a fan of cardio and I will not diet as I'm still nursing. I do not sit around and snack or eat a ton of junk so there is nowhere to make changes in that aspect right now considering I need to keep my milk supply.  I'm ok with the size pants I'm wearing but I'm not ok with the amount of squishy I am. I'd really REALLY like to not have to buy ALL new clothes for spring and summer. Winter has been easier to work with what I have because layers are a muffin top belly's best friend but once the warmer seasons hit....we have a problem. 
and truly...I do believe my belly is visibly tighter than it was just a month ago so this photo isn't exactly a accurate representation of what I'm working on.
So, in mid December I found these on Pinterest and have been loving them because they are simple and quick. I don't have 30 min a day right now to work out but I can def find 10-15 min to complete some quick moves... and I'm actually beginning to see my tummy tighten and *maybe* even my legs and booty. I've focused most on my belly and waist though.

Per usual me....I have a hard time following rules and guidelines just as they are written so I'm kinda doing more of a mix and match of these challenges.
Anywhooooo I just thought I'd share these and the Blogilates site with y'all. They are super doable exercises if you are looking for something to get a jumpstart on your summer bod with then these might be a great option! I have high hopes of swimsuit shopping for a bikini in a couple months! Wish me luck! lol

Ps. Sadie was SO worth it. I totally choose happy sweet healthy baby over rockin bod ;-)
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Podcasts & Wine

YOU GUYS! I promise I'm not quitting my blog. It's just that 3 kids is NO JOKE! hahahahah But I have a few fun posts drafted and almost ready to go so I have some high hopes of getting more regular with my posting! Hang in there with me! hahahah Anyhow.... lets talk romance....HA! 

I have shared in the past a few times about dating at home. Lets face it.... if you have little kids at home its so so so hard to get out. 
First, its expensive. The cost of actual date plus babysitter... I mean $100 + goes a long way with diapers and shoes etc for your kids so its a hard pill to swallow to spend that on yourselves for just a couple hours. And secondly..Honest to goodness, by the time its the evening 95% of the time all I want is a hot shower and jammies and curl into the fetal position. Not heels and skinny jeans (dont get me started on jeans! Ahhahah)
But we all know its necessary to stay connected and spend special time with your spouse! We really believe we can't provide the happiest environment for our family if we arent on course. So making an effort to go out a half dozen or more times a year and also finding ways to stay at home date are the highest priority to us. 

We have a few various things we like to do..watching weekly tv shows does not count & just lounging on couch with a movie doesnt count for us either. We plan a special snack, drink, or meal after kids are all to bed and some entertainment. Usually one of us plans the whole thing. We have done wine and beer tasting nights, gaming nights, we have looked up recipes and made a replication of our favorite meal from our favorite restaurant before. But something we have recently gotten excited about is podcasts. We started listening to them on travel days over the last half of year while the kids are napping or watching a show while we drive but we started to love it so much that we dont want to wait for travel days. So we began podcast & wine night. You guys there are so many different podcasts out there that you can SURELY find something that sparks both of you and your spouses interests. We like to listen to Young House Love's podcast and Marriage More's podcast. I have followed the blogs for those people for YEARS so when both began podcasting I started listening here and there... and next thing I knew Tom joined in on our drives. I love that both always spark good conversation. 

I share this stuff on here because I, myself, love to get ideas and gather inspiration from other places of ways to date at home and bust out of the dating ruts we can get in. (Especially in the winter!) This one is just so easy though! Plan it for a Monday... give yourself a reason to be excited for a Monday for once! ;-) I hope maybe it sparked a new way you can share quality time with your spouse!
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Christmas Jammies

My F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E Christmas tradition is Christmas jammies on my kids. I mean I just melt over this stuff. I want to coordinate my kids for life. If you live under my roof and I put your meals on the table then you shall wear Christmas jammies for me.

So these are our official 2016 Christmas Jammies photos by the tree....

and then I took it a step further and made the Christmas jammies our Christmas Card. See...I JUST did baby announcements...and I was being all scrooge about Christmas cards because 1. its expensive after having just completed a mass mailing but also I sorta didn't want to spend time organizing Christmas card pic + design or the money. But then....I had this idea to do our jammies and make our cards all about how much fun this year has been with the kids, and then I was sold.
Now, here is our official 2016 Christmas Card...Jammies and all!

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Things We Have Been Up To...

1. Laundry.

2. All the family stuff! The cooler weather and holidays have us doing all things family. From driving to see Christmas lights, to shopping for our annual ornaments, Tom baking his first bird.....to snuggles by the fire. We have been kinda low key and its been soooo nice. It's the perfect combined excuse with a baby and holidays to just stay home and cuddle.
**Their first coordinating outfits! I'm still fainting over it! (and cousin coordinated right with them which was kinda that icing on the cake in this pic obviously!)

Turkey Tom ;-)
More family time. AKA Best Friend time for these rowdy boys! 
3. We replaced a door to one part of our basement storage area last month and built this guy. Not sure if we will paint it white yet. We have been back and forth so we are leaving it until we decide. It was a fun and easy project that finally fulfilled my dream of a sliding barn door in the house!

4. more laundry....

5. Between school runs for Jay now that he started, catching up on everyone's doctor appointments, and some fun activities for Janae's school like the Thanksgiving feast I volunteered at or the pancake breakfast last weekend that Tom took the big's to (--where they got to see Santa!!)...we have been staying busy with those types of things too.

6. Reading The Magnolia Story (Joanna is my spirit animal) during the 6 seconds of free time I've had and watching Fixer Upper now that it's back on with a delicious glass of wine has been such a treat lately. Have we acknowledged that I had to give up wine for all of 2016 until that sweet sweet day called Sadie's birthday on 9/28?? lol (but seriously...I love the wines. And I'd like to give a special shout out to Kim Crawford's holiday bottle. I mean how do you walk past that one and not buy it?)

7. Squeezing in those last few bike rides & avoiding raking our leaves like boss over here! HAHA! We may or may not have hired someone to just come do it for us today. lol (seriously...#aintnobodygottimeforthat )

8. Listening to Jay talk. <insert an emoji of me hiding & crying but also my heart bursting with love all at the same time> Omgosh I love this little voice. I really really do. He has the sweetest voice. He is such a fun little guy with SO MUCH to say..but he never ever ever shuts up. Like, EVER. Its just like one thing after another with no actual connection from one convo to the next. It is so over stimulating to me. HAHAHAH And I'm clearly a bit of a chatty Kathy myself over here. I HAVE been known to talk excessively too..but this guy. He is on some other extraordinary level. It hurts my brain. BUT I have to remind myself, all too soon, he will grow up before my very eyes and won't want to share anything with me and I'll just die to have these days back. But until then I may have to wear some ear plugs from time to time) But just look at how cute he is. I could eat his face.

9. Going stupid crazy on the house...like 3 Yukon full trips to Goodwill crazy. I do this a couple times a year but I have this really psycho deal with Christmas and New Years. To start, I think if we are going to get new crap we have to get rid of old crap. I mean I MIGHT be having a hard time losing some baby weight (and by hard time, I mean I'm not trying and also eating like football player) and what began as a closet clear out of things that don't fit turned into me throwing out everything everyone owns. HAHAHAHA .....and secondly, (my mom TOTALLY makes fun of me about this) I have this totally OCD deal with starting the new year all organized and "stocked" on important things around the house like paper towels, extra over the counter meds, soaps etc. I love to do this big shopping trip where I stock up on all the essentials and replace things that need replaced like socks etc. It's weird, probably, but it makes me feel so much better about life with that "fresh" start to the new year.

10. And finally...I've been doing laundry. Did I mention that yet? ...Oh I did? I guess it's that darn baby brain again. But can you blame me? I mean look at this muffin!

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