Fall Fashion Style Board

Fall is JUST around the corner and I couldn't be more excited... For like a billion reasons, but to name a few:

1. Having our new baby girl!!
2. All the fall scents and decor! Im a sucker for Bath & Body Works this time of year. I always use their air fresheners and soaps but this time of year I really love to buy the candles too. And I'm not really that into seasonal decor but I do like to add a few touches of fall here and there.
3. Football (official countdown till my first beer
 after baby- while watching The Colts has begun. I want an Oktoberfest and then I want a Blue Moon. I think I just drooled typing that.)

Lets just focus in on the fashion subject today, shall we? I hope to touch on all my Fall topics listed above over the next month though ;-) I'm about to come out of skin over wanting to be comfortable in a regular clothes. I'm hitting that point in pregnancy :-) but the fact that it's almost fall really amps up those feelings because this is my favorite season of the year and is also my favorite season to style.  

Ok so first thing we need to just go ahead and acknowledge that leggings rule the world.

 Especially the Mom world. So most of my outfits I'm sharing today are for Mama's who are looking for comfort first with a splash of actual style so they still feel put together even if all they do that day is change diapers, laundry, and bus stop. I've been slowly buying some new items here and there that I just can't wait to wear after I have the baby so today I'm just doing flat lay outfit combos since I can't exactly model some of my new stuff!! 

Leggings- LuLaRoe leggings are pretty amazing and soft. If you haven't heard of them you can find tons of style consultants all over Facebook. From crazy prints to my personal favorite of just solids you gotta at least try them! (I love a variety of other legging brands as well and def have to say that you get what you pay for. $10 at Target isn't going to fit and hold up nearly as nice as $25 + with Lularoe and Hue from Nordstrom etc. I personally recommend spending more so they aren't see through and so they fit great.)

Tops- Gotta make sure that behind is covered ladies! Tunics are your best friend. Layers on top of leggings are even better! Your sweater game needs to be strong ladies. I wear sweaters almost every single day so I will totally splurge one one or two really comfy sweaters each year. I did get my blue one above during the Nordstrom sale so I didn't pay that hefty full price but I think its literally so soft that its worth it. 

Shoes- Flats are a moms best friend. It's sad but true. I'm a heels girl at heart but it just doesn't work. I love leopard flats though. They are a total neutral and go with SO MUCH. These are cheap from Target 4 years ago. It has been on my wish list to buy a new more comfy pair for a solid year now. I think this is gonna be the year I pull the trigger.
The second it gets down in the 50's I usually start busting my UGGs. I love the classic Ugg boot.  Last year after a long stretch of like 8 years with my old ones, I got a new pair and chose the slim new style with a tiny bit of a wedge sole. I really REALLY like the fit of these guys!
And for another easy and super cute option to almost any outfit I included my white All Stars. They are so easy and add style to anything! 

If you really must wear a real outfit here are a couple outfits I'm dreaming of for this fall. 
** I urge you to consider if a "real" outfit is necessary though. lol Because jeans are just awful. Awful, I tell you. They sure look good but are they really worth me being at minimum 30% more grumpy and uncomfortable for the day? ;-)

Jeans- First of all- Gross! Just the feeling of wearing them. They look fab but I feel like I can't move in jeans. It kinda makes me a little bit crazy. But they are a necessary evil.....Like I said above though...always, always, ALWAYS, second guess if your day really demands you wear jeans. It is like my number one rule. lol (I know there are some of you that LOVE to wear jeans and I'm just really sorry but I think you are NUTS!) Carrying on....
 The actual jeans- I mean skinny is still going strong. (sadly) They pair great with booties and boots through fall and winter so you MUST own at least one pair. I love a bootcut or flare the most to actually wear BUT then you need to wear a wedge or a heel which basically doesn't work for most days as a Mom to little kids. So I end up back in the leg prisons of skinnies. <CRINGE> I bought these Vigoss jeans from the Nordstrom sale last month after seeing a few other bloggers talk such good things about Vigoss for a while now. As much as I love my leggings, I will def be doing a happy dance the day these zip up and fit :-)

Tops-I was recently at the mall and The Loft totally caught my eye...which is unusual because it's not really one of my go-to stores but I popped in... and then left a fair amount poorer. lol I got a few great tops and accessories. You might want to check out their selection right now! Really cute stuff!

and finally here are my fall wish list items!

Sources from my photos:

Source List

Loft blouse

BP white low top

Vigoss blue ripped jeans

LOFT infinity loop scarf

I had forgotten this guy on my source collage but this top was also a Loft find! So cute! I think it might make an appearance in our family photos after we have lil miss!


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Shanty Shelves!

I wanted to share a few fun details from the nursery! It's slowly coming along!! We pretty much have all the things we need at this point but are still working on relocating all the storage items we had been keeping in that closet and we still have a bed in that room for guests until she is full time sleeping in her room. But I love sharing our DIY projects on here and it just occurred to me that we did this project like a month ago and I never shared it! 

To any of my fellow readers who love HGTV, DIY Network you all may follow Shanty 2 Chic? They have had a couple pilots aired on those channels named "Open Concept"....But their actual blog and social media accounts are Shanty 2 Chic which I've been following for years. I love their work and style but yet had never actually used their plans for any of my own projects. So as I got to thinking about what I wanted on the walls in this little chicks room I knew I wanted shelves. First thing I thought is floating shelves are honestly quite expensive if you buy nice ones and secondly they usually aren't the sturdiest when they are only just hung with two anchors and screws. So I presented the idea of building them to Tom, who LOVED the idea. (he likes a good project just as much as me ;-) So I knew just the place to go. So we used Shanty 2 Chic's free plans (they have multiple for different sizes if you just search around on their site)

So off to Home Depot we went that very day!

Tom got the lumber cut and built up onto the wall within an hour I'd say! It was a super fast project!
Then we got them all stained the next day.

And of course then the fun part came...shopping for accessories and items to organize and style the shelves! 

Right now the bed we still have in there is currently under these shelves but when we get rid of the bed we plan to get a little cubby style shelf or some sort of great little cabinet situation to go underneath for toys, books, and more necessities down the road. 

It is all coming together nicely. We are 30 weeks with this little lady so we could be as little as just 7 weeks away from meeting her if she decides to be an early bird like her sister was! Just for fun here is a crib photo that I don't think I've shared on here yet (I did on my Instagram though ;-) I still need a crib skirt and a mattress pad under that sheet but between me and Janae we just couldn't wait to pop a cutie sheet on there and see how cute it will be!

Now just imagine a sweet little newborn laying in there! <squeals!>

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We have been crazy busy with all good things this last month. Tons of fun plans with family and friends. It's been such a blast. 

Father's Day weekend! Tom got a big bass. We have loved fishing this year. 

Just some everyday life...

I've hit the point of having a hard time doing my toes so I decided to take Janae for her FIRST pedicure! We had such a good time together. She seriously thought it was the most fabulous thing of her life. I loved seeing how special she thought it was! 

It was SO HOT the weekend of our community's Freedom Festival but we set up a big tent with one of our neighbors and toughed it out for the parade with the kids little buddies. 

Janae has been asking to try gymnastics for over a year and I finally caved this summer. With dance classes on hold until school year and the availabilty to take daytime classes to keep our nights open I decided to let her give it a shot through the summer. We are only letting her do one activity through the school year though. She is signed up for dance through the year for now and will be done with gymnastics after August.  But she has loved it and it has been fun to watch her try out what used to be my sport!

With Jay turning 3 now and also the fact that we have another little lady on her way we have been really trying to make sure Jay has plenty of boy attention and outlets for his interests. He will be middle child but since he is the only boy we are trying to really make his interests a priority. We let him try his first sport this month with a "bitty ball" t-ball clinic with the YMCA. He has really been enjoying it. He doesn't love wearing the mitt or catching but he loves throwing, running, and batting. This next week is his last week and I hope to take some action shots now that he kinda knows what he is doing ;-)

Splash pad with some friends. The three tallest are all within 3 months of each other in age. Us Mama's were all pregnant at the same time and worked at the salon together! We all stay home now and its been so fun to have this little crew to play with over the years. (we are missing one more boy from the original crew plus his two younger siblings and mom from this group on that day who lives a little further away now) 

We have really enjoyed swimming in the evenings this year. Our weekends have been very busy so we haven't been making it there on the weekends as much this year. But at night, I love that the crowd has died down so we can actually just relax and have fun as a family and it's also not sooooo bloody hot the evenings. 

Tom had a long 4th of July weekend which was perfect since it was Jays birthday weekend. #1 on the list was Childrens Museum because they had their hot wheels exhibit. Jay was in heaven. Janae lasted for about 15 min in that part then she and I moved on to the Pirate & Princesses exhibit which was also so cool. The Children's Museum isn't really one of my favorite places to go actually but that particular day all the attractions were right on point for our kids interests and we had a really enjoyable time. 

So this pistol turned 3! Say what?? How is this even possible? For his actual birthday we did cake for breakfast because thats our tradition...and since the booger couldn't decide on a theme for his day we just did a little of everything he loves! Spiderman, Colts, construction, Hot wheels, Monster Trucks....He literally milked his birthday for a solid week. Such a stinker!

There are FOUR summer birthdays on my side of the family and since they are all boys we do a big joint party for them. They love it. This year was a sports theme. It was such a good time. 

We are SO LUCKY that we can watch all the fireworks that Conner Prairie does from our house. (and if you aren't familiar its a huge show for multiple nights around the 4th...we can also hear the concerts from our house too which is fun on Saturday nights!) But on the actual 4th we went to this big field behind our house with tons of the neighbors and watched the big show and then did our own! The kids were up way too late every night that weekend with fireworks and shenanigans but it was so fun and its only one time a year that you get to have all that fun for nights on end. For all the Mama's who freak about fireworks, I get it...I really do...I mean I brought Jay home from the hospital on July 4th the year he was born!! ... but ultimately I have learned that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!! So we do just that each year! 

We got to spend almost a whole week back home since Tom had some out of town work that was driving distance to our hometown so we just packed up and went along. We love going home for some quiet country living. 

We got out of the house a couple times between my parents and his to go on some dates. I had to document it, of course. Tom's not a fan of selfies. lol

The kids love the mini donks my parents have. Jay and Janae go to check on Lolly everyday.

We spent a day at Tom's parents, who live just minutes from mine, swimming in their lake. They had it re-dug this year and expanded so they added a big dock to one side and beach area to another. The kids LOVED this trampoline slide combo thing they had right in the middle of the lake.  It was sweltering hot that day so it was PERFECT. 

Janae and her bff cousin had a lemonade stand at big family gathering my parents hosted last weekend. It was a huge hit! They LOVED it. 

So now we are onto finishing July and this summer strong as August really marks new beginnings for us.  The countdown to school buses and backpacks is on... just days into August and then following with official baby countdown through September. I had both my babies from 1-3 weeks early so your guess is as good as mine when the grand arrival will be. 

The reality of it all is setting in for me. I can't believe Janae is "leaving me" but I know its time. We ordered her lunchbox to match her backpack the other day and have been gathering some new school clothes here and there. Hoping to make a school shopping date yet with her and then we are all set. Jay Jay is gonna get some major mommy cuddles and one on one over the next two months before he becomes a big brother. We have some special things like a monster truck show at state fair planned for him, too, coming up.  

Hope y'all have been having a great summer....and heres to a great ending!

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