Laughter is the Best Medicine

So we are just over a week, give or take, away from having our baby girl!!....and, TRULY, life is really good. So I know my title is maybe misleading...but anyone who has been 9 months pregnant knows why I need a good laugh. We are feeling so lucky, blessed, thankful, and happy etc, with our life and family... but you just hit a point where you feel like you might explode and the only thing that keeps you sane and patient during the final stretch of pregnancy, is laughing! Especially with baby number 3....I'm going to just be honest and publicly apologize to my husband who I'm sure is secretly praying every day that this baby comes out so I can stop being such a worn out grouch! I try so hard to be patient and happy...but you mama's know...you just hit a point where you have nothing left. So tired. So uncomfortable. So OVER IT! hahahahah Truly, I'm not here to complain. I'm just explaining my reason behind this post. I feel like lately we have been finding so much to laugh about and it has been about the only thing keeping me sane! So I thought I'd share some of the funny. Because we all need and like to laugh, right?

In regards to my current personal state:

I don't have any actual words. It's just true.

I've hit my usual 40lbs of extra weight so I'm feeling really good about myself right now....lol   #noidont #holdme #hideme #makeitgoaway

For the love...Legit, I have pushed out an entire human faster. Men, Get your "shit" together already.
When Mama needs chocolate chip cookies and a sweet tea you get Mama the damn cookies and tea. M'kay? Perhaps this is why the 40 extra pounds??

In regards to my family:

Someone always looks a hot mess these days. Usually Jay..but sometimes it's Janae too. The other week she chose a school outfit and gave me warning before seeing it "Mom..can you just not say anything about the outfit I chose" Like, she already knew it was bad. (It was awful and I tried to bite my tongue but even Tom came in and told her no! lol)  But these "goggles" Jay loves have been killing me lately. Not even exaggerating right now, he wore these plus socks WITH flip flops to the bus stop one day last week while riding his little motorcycle. #chooseyourbattles I didn't take a photo because we just really never need to see that look again.

And someone is always doing something stupid around here. I mean they get it honestly from Tom and I...but my FAVORITE was about mid day one day seeing my cat Lexi (who sleeps with Janae at night) come down from Janae's room covered in hair clips. Apparently, they had "fun" the night before when someone ( ahem, Janae) Should have been sleeping! But I just can't even. First of all, if you know this particular cat of mine, you know she hates life. She hates the world. She hates EVERYTHING except my kids. For real. She LOVES the kids. There wasn't a chance in hell I was going to even attempt to take that off of her for I feared losing my hand and quite possibly my eyeballs too. So to see these carefully placed glitter clips on my life hating cat was HILARIOUS.

Other really stupid recent events:

A certain child may or may not have walked in our bedroom at 4am one day to ask where Dinosaurs live. WHHHYYYYY????? WHHHHYYYYYYY???? GO BACK TO BED!

A certain child may or may not have pooped on the bathroom floor.
WHHHHYYYY???? WHHHHHYYYYY????????? You were 2 inches from the toilet!!!!!

These two have been very textbook brother and sister lately. This picture sorta says it all. They do actually play really well together but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that they love to taunt each other and do things JUST to piss the other one off. We have had quite a few moments where we have been tested as parents lately....you know, in the ability to suppress our own laughter in order to react and disipline even though what they did was HILARIOUS!

I mean....This is everything. Dixie does NOT like to be dressed up as much as I wish she did. But I REALLLY want to order this costume for her. LOL! Even the dog "modeling" it hates it! HAHHAAHAHHAHA Just look at how ashamed that "model" dog is!

Ah....yes.....Somedays I feel like I have it mostly together. I mean we all have the occasional day where we just completely lose our cool...but I saw this one and really had to question myself...LOL
Over the weekend I was at a local Handmade Vintage Market with some friends and my friend Kelly spotted this little zipper pouch and was like "OMGOSH VAL...THIS IS SO YOU." It said "I don't even know what I'm doing" LOLOL We had such a good laugh...she told me I need a shirt that says that because anytime she asks me for advice I always tell her I can't give advice because "I don't know even what I'm doing"

In regards to Val-n-Tom:
**Did you know we are nerds and call Valentine's Day, Val-n-Tom's Day?? hahahaha anyway....

We LOVE to send each other funny memes through the week when he is at work. It's just one of our things. Its a way we stay connected and make each other smile during that long haul where we see so much less of each other during the work week. I recently sent him this one and I seriously can't stop laughing about it because it sounds so true. I WOULD be worried about my hair. LOL

And then if you know us AT ALL you know the show FRIENDS is our main thing. Like its our favorite thing ever. We would watch friends ALL THE TIME when we began dating in high school and then his mom bought us all the seasons when she realized how much we liked the show. I remember watching the last episode on a  Thursday night...he was at his house and I was at mine but we stayed on the phone the entire episode as we watched and I totally cried on the phone about it to him! haha! Anyhow, I saw this shirt and I thought it was so funny...(you will only get this if you watched the show...but it has to do with Phoebe and Mike when she was supposed to be changing her name after they got married...she got excited that you can literally change your name to anything you want....and then Mike told her if she didn't change it back he would change his to "Crap Bag." She was trying to act like it was fine except he MADE her introduce him to someone and then she finally realized the names were not good) We just love all FRIENDS stuff and I had a good giggle about this hoodie!

Omgosh the Bitmoji app is ruling my world. Tom and I have been having so much using our bitmoji's when we text. But even funnier was the entire evening we spent after the kids were in bed making our bitmoji's ...sitting there analyzing the way we look helping each other build our bitmoji. As you can imagine it wasn't all sweet compliments....it was like "do they have a receding hairline for you Tom, and then Tom asking if they had a freckle face for me...only to follow up with the story of how his Dad told him "someone shit on his face" when he was little and thats why he had freckles...so sweet Tom. Thanks for that warm hug. We seriously laughed the entire time while we tried to sit there straight faced so the other person could analyze our "lines and features"

So thats what I've been giggling about lately. Hopefully something gave you a good laugh here today too. Because it's Monday...and we all need a little help on Monday, right?

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Game Day!

So one of my favorites of fall that I had mentioned a few weeks back is Football! Game Day is so fun! My husbands passion for football can be a bit excessive but I do have to admit I appreciate all the fun and excitement that football brings to fall/winter life. It's fun to watch. It's fun to go to games. It's fun to gather. It's fun to cook for it. It's a whole community.  Our little family just really loves football season. So I wanted to do a whole post "tackling" our favorite traditions and things! 

But regardless of who you are reading this post, weather you like the Colts or the Broncos...or you are more of a college football fan.... there is something here for everyone! Maybe you don't like the game...but maybe you enjoy cooking and hosting get-togethers for your husband and his friends! Maybe thats something you can do to show your love for him even if it isn't exactly your favorite sport. Invite the wives and do your own thing while they do yours! No matter who you are you can make this a fun exciting season to be a part of!

We try to go to at least one game a season...(Tom usually goes to many more than me through work opportunities or with friends) I wrote the other week that we took the kids for the first time! YAY! So fun! They LOVED IT! I love how much the kids get so excited to wear their Colts gear. Gotta train them up right!

We also love to host some game days. Sometimes we have done family gatherings like this one a few years back...

and sometimes its with neighbors & friends. When it is nice outside we love to keep the mess out of the house plus its much more conducive to keeping the kids happy and entertained! We have used our outdoor projector...but don't fret if you don't have one! Just move a TV outside for your man and his friends! We have done that too! Anyway, no matter if you are invited over to someone's or just doing a family day, or hosting your own little viewing party I wanted to share some ideas of how to make it fun for all!

(Im taking votes on who thinks this was safe? I was cooking away in kitchen completely oblivious to the set up procedures taking place yesterday while Tom and his neighbor guys were getting ready for the game so we could screen outside....One of the wives sent me these as she looked out her house and saw these guys doing this.....)

Back in the back corner of those photos you can see my taco dip. Its like a "thing" with the neighbors. Its basically a "must" for every game. I actually got the recipe from my friend Natalie but its sooo good, I have to share!

*THESE WERE KINDA HARD*  First of all, who can cut brownies better than me? I clearly suck. Secondly....omgoodness trying to put that icing detail was so hard because the top of brownies wants to flake away etc. I'm probably not doing that again. lol! But the kids loved them! 

In addition to all this usually all the neighbors bring a dish or two and we all just feast all day. Its so delicious and fun! By the end of the first quarter my kitchen was over flowing with food! 

I wanted to give a list of ideas of things to help get the ball rolling if you are trying to figure out a fun game day celebration!

-Do a whole beer sampler bar (& wine if you wish for the ladies!)
-Appetizers are where it's at! cook up some of these delicious treats...or if cooking isn't your thing order wings from BDubs and scratch cooking off your responsibility list! 
-Get team colored juices & snacks for kids!
-Encourage willing participants to come up with their own cheer or halftime performance and pick a winner! ( we REALLY did do this at my family party a couple years ago and it was hilarious!) Seriously, if you have fun outgoing males in the group like we do, give 'em a couple beers and see what they come up with. It's sure to be a good laugh. 
-Games for everyone- bust out the corn hole boards or if you have a crew of young girls (maybe boys too! I know some boys would totally do this!) who love to craft encourage them to make posters for their team! Or set up a football obstacle course in your hard. Trust me....the men will be doing this along with the kids. They are just over-grown male children after all! lol!
-If going to a game you can always do a traditional tailgate...or try a restaurant before. This is our personal choice of pre-gaming. We love to go out for a good lunch/dinner before game and have a few brew before walking to the stadium.

Weather you like football or not....you surely like fashion a tad, right??? You don't have to be rolling your eyes over the idea of wearing a jersey. Honestly there are SO MANY cute choices these days from Target to NFLshop.com that you can find some cute tops to look the part! Grab a cute top and dont be afraid to mix it up with some normal wardrobe choices so that you feel like you! When I'm at home I'm a total leggings girl with my gear but when I go out I usually mix it up with a jacket or puffer vest and some jeans and wedges. You can make football cute. If an actual logo'd top isn't your deal just wear a team colored outfit! 

And for my fellow Colts fans here are favorite tops this season. (and for you Tom...I really wouldn't be upset if that first grey sweatshirt came to live with me. Size M please....Just sayin' LOL)

Colts Selections

So I hope all this today helps with some football inspiration for you all!!

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A Whole Lotta Life

Just wanted to do a quick life photo dump on here today! It's been a minute since I did that! We wrapped up a completely crazy busy July and had a much more low key August with the exception of school starting. We are now in major slow down mode. Its baby month. (technically due Oct 4th but I'm down to 4 weeks but most likely less since I've been early the other two times)  So we have been really intentional on how we are spending our quality family time with the kids and really soaking in life as we know it. After the last couple weeks of some fun family activities and this past wonderful 3 day Labor day weekend I can say my heart is really content and ready for our new little lady to join... with the exception of apple picking plans hopefully this next weekend! I can't really find the words to explain what I was feeling but there was just something I NEEDED yet after the summer's busy-ness and I feel like it took all of August and then finally this last long weekend for me to finally feel "ready"....I just needed easy, cozy, quality time with just Janae & Jay....It was almost like the opposite of feeling the need for "closure" of a situation or something. I was needing the feeling of my mind and heart to be fully open and ready. I think I can honestly say I feel peaceful and ready and I think the kids do too. 
Anyway...here is some glimpses of what we have been up to since mid July when I did my last life photos post!

Jay Jay finished his little "bitty ball" tee ball clinic and got a little medal. He was so proud!

Miss Janae basically decided we needed to have a garage sale because the neighbors were having one, one week in July when I was gone to the doctor and Tom didn't exactly tell her no so the idea got kinda set in her mind....It was HORRIBLY HOT but we made a few hundred by selling a fair amount of things we really had been meaning to get rid of for some time at that point! 

This guy turned 30!! We took him to his favorite restaurant and bought him a beer and wings ;-)
The next day we headed for a long weekend to Gatlinburg with his family. We had SUCH a good trip getting away and relaxing! 

The kids LOVED the go carts. Jay even got in a very minor "crash" when he was riding with Grandpa and I swear as much as it made me a little scared it was like the highlight of his life. Boys, I tell ya.

Two things. 
1. He is the CUTEST sleeper ever of all time. End of story. Janae is much more of a pass out   type sleeper that ALWAYS looks like she is crashing HARD... and he is soooo cuddly, cute, & peaceful looking. 

2. I mean I'm just obsessed with sleeping babes and I miss seeing this sweet face all peaceful each day butttt.... We are about a month nap free 90% of days so these sweet little moments are few and far between now! I SOOOOO MISS HIS NAP TIME...but it has made such a huge improvement in his going to bed routine at night....He is falling asleep in 10 minutes or less at a much more reasonable time instead of dragging bedtime out for an hour and not leaving any time for Tom and I afterwards. Plus he has been sleeping in in the mornings. 

Big girl off to Kindy! She rides the bus which is her FAVORITE. She has also decided she loves school lunches so I've totally gotten off the hook with packing lunches! 

Girlfriend worked so hard this summer on her stamina to swim in the super deep ends of our pool. So we finally let her start jumping off the diving board. I wish I had a photo of Jay but he actually did it for the first time the other week too! (he wore a life jacket ;-) I love when they try new things and step out of their comfort zone! 

Janae has really gotten into the American Girl movies in the last six months or so and started to have her eye set on one their new Wellie Wishers dolls. Like I said in the beginning of the post we have been really intentional about our family time and making some efforts for some one on one time with each kid... So on the same day Jay and Tom hit the lego store for a boy outting to grab a fun new lego set... I took Janae to the American Girl store to pick out her first AG doll!  

Oh my lawwwddd it rained and rained and rained in August. It honestly got to the point where the kids stopped caring and just played outside in the rain anyway. One weekend day they "swam" in the coolers (classy, I know...but they LOVED IT) and had the best time just being soaking wet outside!

Again, the rain. Omgosh. It was like every weekend. But we ventured out to a sunflower maze at a local orchard/farm despite the weather. It rained on us almost the whole time but the kids had a BLAST. Tom and I agreed that the rain and mud made it even more fun for them. 


Tom stumbled on some crazy cheap Colts tickets (total nosebleed seats but if you have ever been to Lucas Oil Stadium you know that really no seat is bad there.) But it was our kids very first Colts game and their minds were blown! Tom and I couldn't believe how much the loved it and honestly would have stayed the entire game. We leave in the 3rd quarter though because it was already after 9pm at that point. 

I just love this photo. I feel like this was a moment Tom has waited for since the day Jay was born. To take his son to a football game...to show him the sport he LOVES.

And this photo basically sums up this last weekend. I don't even know what to say. We spent most of the weekend just at home being the weirdos we are! We got in one last swim...

 Tom got away for a guys boating day....I snuggled my babes....ran some errands...nested a little bit and got a few things ready for our new girly...

And now we move forward with fall y'all! 
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