All THINGS- Baby.

How many sippy cups, bottles, pacifiers, forks and bowls can there possibly be?? I mean I clearly have realized before now just how many choices of many things there are available for babies... BUT FOR REAL...I really had a moment yesterday while at Babies R Us where I just stood there and just really thought about how excessive it all is! Why are there so many choices? Why does each brand under the sun make burp cloths that don't absorb?? We all know the cloth diaper ones are the only way to go. SO STOP MAKING THE OTHERS ONES WHERE SPIT UP JUST BEADS OFF!! whew.. I almost just lost focus because I just got so rattled over all the burp cloths. Anyway, Im guessing on this but I bet 30 years ago there were like 2-3 choices on everything and thats it. On one hand its really awesome to have options with all different benefits but on another hand how did babies get so much more complicated then they once were. I think we are programing our babies from day one to be high maintenance. That is probably what happened to me up..........yeah, that has to be it.

Quickly lets spend a moment on car seats and then Ill be done. I mean you can get one that just barely passes safety standards and costs 25 cents and then there are the car seats that cost a small fortune and are equivalent to being in a bomb shelter with a helmet, knee pads and a baseball bat. So here I am a few weeks ago trying to decide just how cheap I want to be but then just as you almost settle on something middle of the line you realize what an asshole parent you are about to be because you arent buying your baby a bomb shelter because I simply don't want to spend that much. I mean this is an investment of safety so I dont think this is the place to skimp but SHIT....if there weren't these insanely expensive and almost overprotecting choices I wouldn't have to even consider being a cheapo. It would just be regular. At the end of the day Janae love her new bomb shelters and she thinks the knee pads are fun, so it was, indeed, a great investment.

***Who in the hell has a pet camel??? I just saw this on the Today show. I guess anything is possible—which reminds me..if you still need a birthday/christmas gift idea for me, Im really hoping for that finger monkey I sent you all via email!!! :-)

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