Its the same thing night after night...Tom and I get up from watching TV in the living room and go to bed. I take out my contacts while he unmakes the bed, lays out my multi-vitamin, and hooks up the phones to their chargers. He gets in bed just as I sit down and take my vitamin. I set my alarm (as if I ever actually sleep in until it goes off but its nice to pretend). Just as I lay down Tom is usually already half asleep. I have NEVER met someone who goes to sleep as fast as him. I also have NEVER met someone who takes as long to go to sleep as me. Ugh! So we meet in the middle and I talk his head off while he snores through what Im saying. And YES he HAS fallen asleep in mid conversation. You never know what Im going to decide to talk about. Dont forget I want to cover all topics before I die so this is a great opportunity to get some extra talking in before the day is done. ---SOOOO recently during this nightly routine I decided to dazzle the hubs with a list of my favorite “fonts” .
  1. Copperplate
  2. Wingdings 2
  3. Webdings
  4. Symbol
I am aware that three of my four are fonts that use all symbols but its just sooooo fun to write with those and try to decipher the code!!! I just love pictures in general. I FREAKING LOVE the emoji cons I can text with!! My favorite is the picture of a TV dinner plate. If any of you aren't aware of what emoji cons are they are only for Iphones –I think – and they are just like the smiley faces etc PLUS lots of fun pics you can insert into text messages. :-) ;-)
For real. I LOVE copperplate. I used it on my wedding programs and this blog. I really feel like something as simple as this font really can tell you a lot about who I am. It has a traditional and classic twist bit its very modern!
Tom likes “century”. Hmmmmmm. Very accountant like of him Id say.

So Im dying to know..What are your favorite fonts?? I think I can learn a lot about people if only I knew this about everyone. :-)

P.S. I know you all are going to go straight to Word or Open Office and play with the wingdings, webdings, and symbol! Its ok....its FUN!


  1. My first question is 'why' do you need to sit down to take a vitamin? Second question Copperplate Bold or Light? I like Light. Now you take Bookshelf Symbol 7, that takes me back to my Junior year of high school to a now pre-historic class, Shorthand. See we wrote everything down on paper with a pen, in crazy symbols and swirls, & abbreviated spelling. Hahaha take that you txt junkies, we were ahead of our time. Seriously don't mess with me using those codes, I will blow it off as fast as I did the shorthand. Only thing I remember is I didn't like the class. Now my fonts, Lucida Sans Unicode, Kristen ITC, Bradley Hand ITC. So what can you tell about me Dr. Spicy Chicken?

    hmm...this is so hard for me since i get to play with fonts all day and I feel like the all have purpose.
    I have many that I like for each purpose but as an overall, good with everything, fabulous font...I really like century gothic if I have to choose a generic font. LOVE it!

    Oh, P.S. SPICY CHICKEN, since you have mac, go to dafont.com and you can have hours of fun picking out and downloading FREE fonts....It's amazing!