Holiday Season "Wrap Up"

It's that time of year again. I cant freaking believe it. Normally I'm almost done shopping and so much more organized by now – BUT NOT THIS YEAR!!! I am actually sorta frizzin out over my Christmas-Ready status. I really do love this season though. I get a little geeked out over what theme I will wrap all my gifts in. My gift-wrap concept this year I have had nailed down since August! GO ME! Not to spoil it too much for you all but Im currently having a MASSIVE love affair with gifts wrapped in brown packing paper! I began searching online but was having little luck finding out where I can buy this---however at that time I didn't know it was called “packing paper”. I was just about to give up just as Turkey Tom and I were at Home Depot and I decided I would enlighten him in my “concept” for this years Christmas gifts. Thats when my husband decided to be useful in life and he knew EXACTLY what I was talking about! I mean...what??? Are you serious???? You understand what Im talking about for gift wrap but you continue to ask if we need to buy the Chicken Nugget a winter coat no matter how many times I tell you we have one and repeatedly explain exactly what it looks like?!!!?!?!?!?!? Some things in life are a mystery. But anyway, thats when he was all like “its called packing paper” And I was all like “can I get an AMEN”???? He really proved his value in my life in that moment. He then continued to lead me to the isle at the very store we were in ( Home Depot)!!! So just as we spot it I was like- Dude thats like 862 ft of paper! Ok I lied but it IS the biggest roll of paper. Its seriously weighs 10lbs. I know this because I put it on my home scale. I think you are understanding at this point that this is more paper then I will ever need. What a deal though. That shit was only like 7 dollars!!! If you buy regular Christmas paper you can spend 7 dollars and get only 3.7 inches of paper! This was like the deal of a lifetime! To “wrap up” (hhahahahah I “sleigh” myself Bahahhahahahahhahah...seriously though I cant stop laughing at my puns.) I have my wrapping concept figured out and purchased and I know what the ribbon will be but Im totally stuck on the tags. Luckily I have time to figure out the tags as I only have like 3 actual gifts in my possession at this time. I will spend the rest of the day ordering gifts online so I can start sleeping at night. Oh and if you want something that isn't online you will not be receiving it because Im completely against physically going shopping this year. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! ;-)

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