IHOP & Menus.

Here are my issues with IHOP and Menus:

First off Im mad because I want the EXACT dish I get at Bob Evans and IHOP doesn't have it.

Second, they serve hash browns instead of home fries. (Bob Evans serves both for you crazy people who want greasy hash browns instead.)

Third, the menu. I want to see a picture of what Im ordering. ALL MENUS SHOULD BE PICTURE BOOKS!!! Not only would this help me know exactly what to expect but I also find myself anticipating the arrival of my plate MUCH more if I know precisely what this delish indulgence is going to look like. I not gonna lie though, I also want a picture to reference so I know I wasn't screwed on portion size. I want to make sure I get every last home fry I paid for. I'm pretty serious about my home fries.

So why did I waste my time and money going to IHOP?.............. My husband thought it was a good idea. Long story short... it's now a marital issue for us. ;-)

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