Yoga Pants.

When I blow out someones hair its sorta like a tiny bit of down time. We dont speak--its too hard to hear each other. I always take full advantage of this time to really solve all my "problems" or kinda organize my head which Id imagine would look somewhat like the inside of a forever 21 store. So while blow drying approx 2 months ago I had what I'd consider a life changing epiphany. I dont work out anymore...I like to say I dont have time but I will admit Im lazy as well. With that said, I will acknowledge I still L.O.V.E. to wear my yoga pants. I cant even express in words how much I love my yoga pants. They are more meaningful to me then any person would ever be able to imagine.  As I considered the facts, my first thought was -Oh no...u cant do that anymore. Thats lame.  ----- I continued to round brush section by section.  AND THEN IT HAPPENED..... -- ooooh yeaaah......its not lame! Its BRILLIANT! YOGA PANTS SORTA ROCK MY WORLD!!!--- this is when my feelings on fitness permanently changed. 

Hi, Im Valerie. I wear yoga pants on the daily. I love to wear them in public because I think they are acceptable attire. I enjoy the way they look. I wear them and I feel as though Im in as good of shape as when I was a cheerleader in high school. This works for me.

SO if you haven't figured it out already, yoga pants are the "anti-fitness" workout! The more I consider this, I think this "workout" can work for anyone. With the exception of the morbidly obese, if you have proper fitting yoga pants they are generally flattering on all people.---in black of course. 

Victoria's Secret stopped carrying my very favorite yoga pants. Im now on a mission to find my new favorite. This is what I will spend the winter researching. 

One of the girls at work informed me that she thinks of yoga pants as the "GLAMOROUS MOM'S SWEAT PANTS" She too is a mom and supports my theory. What a compliment she is paying all of us who are already looking so amazing in our yoga pants.  Thanks Kim!!!

I encourage you all to put on your black yoga pants, sit your ass on the couch, and drink a glass of wine. You will feel fabulous.

FYI- I just bought my first apron. Im not sure of my feelings on that yet.

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