A Friendly Wave!???!

We have all been there...in a non stop-lighted intersection war. Im talking about the one where you pull up to a 4 way stop the exact same moment as someone else and then you both sit there and wave the other person to go like 172 times back and forth. You and the other person INSIST the other person go first AND THEN you both give in at the exact same moment and decide -OK I will just go... AND THEN you almost freaking hit each other in the middle of the intersection. Now you are in a whole new war with you brakes and gas pedal. You just continue to pump the brakes until you both finally screech by each other. While all this is going on you get all hot and feel your face get red and wonder why this is so difficult. How did something that should have last 10 seconds turn into what seemed like a 20 minute struggle to get through an intersection.

These events are such a mystery to me. There truly must be a solution to this. As we all think of how to beat the intersection blues enjoy this story....


My friend found herself in this battlefield a few years ago. She was trying to enter a parking lot while someone else was exiting. This person absolutely insisted she enter first. (I thought you should always exit if tight space to allow person to enter but clearly this other person was an idiot.) So as she is fired up thinking how she can barely fit through the space, she proceeds. Only to find the buckle of her purse (which was sitting on her lap) was caught in her steering wheel. GET READY FOR THIS......So as she turns and enters the parking lot her purse goes up and around on top her steering wheel and dumps EVERYWHERE. ITS NOT OVER YET. As we all know you turn the wheel but it must go back! So her purse goes around and dumps and is flopping everywhere but now it has to come all the way back around as she straightens out the car. ALL THE WHILE the other person got the pleasure of clearly seeing this happen.

Just imagine how you'd feel. This should never happen to anyone.

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