A Gift Giving Tip.

Its Christmas time, which means (in the salon world) BUSY BUSY BUSY BUSY!!! It also means MONEY MONEY MONEY and TIPS TIPS TIPS. It’s a lovely time of year. Our clients love us to death and think of us as their b.f.f.’s. They LOVE to shower us with gifts, extra large holiday tips, baked goods, cards, and hugs. Who doesn’t love all those things?? So while I was receiving a 50 dollar Nordstrom gift card from my client the stylist across from me was receiving a hand-made ornament. her client thought it would be so cute to make her an angel ornament. What is NOT cute is that the body of the angel was a tampon…..with the string still attached……with a bell at the end of it. 


I also think it’s imperative that you know it was wrapped in box with a bow. Additionly no other tip was given. The Tampon angel was it.
If you MUST make an ornament from a tampon you are only allowed to keep it for yourself. It must never be given as a gift....especially to your hairstylist who isnt even family.

I have a new rule that until yesterday didnt think needed to ever be spoken but clearly its needed. you all are to never ever to use any product from Playtex, tampax, kotex, o.b., and other off brands  for anything other than your period.




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  1. Hahahaha..I love how she even told her.."I made it to look like you"