Who is in charge of naming subdivisions?? We live in the city. There is a Starbucks, McDonald's, and Target around every corner. The lakes aren't plentiful nor are “woods” around here. So WHY is every neighborhood named something with the words “woods”, “river”, “lake”, “meadows”, “springs”, etc. The list goes on and on yet NONE of these words mean anything to the specific neighborhood. Its just so silly. Around here there is one called “Lake Forest”!! I REFUSE to ever live there only because of the name. The houses are amazing but the name of the neighborhood doesn't even make any sense! We live in “Gatewood.” There isn't a gate anywhere and there are also no woods. Another around here is “Cherry Hill Farms”....What are you even saying???? I mean that has nothing to do with that area. No farm. No hills. No cherries or cherry trees.
As we house hunt I am really noticing these ridiculous names. I just don't know how I will decide which make believe paradise I will want to live! I just think they should use made up names instead of trying to make it sound like something its not. Here are the ones I think are acceptable:
-Brookstone Place
-Geist Overlook (This is appropriate because its in Geist and it overlooks water!)

On a side note...the gate situation at Christmas Lake Village back home is sort of insane. There are like 4.2 people who live in southern Indiana outside of the village and if they want to get into the village I guarantee they know someone who lives in there that will let them in. I mean only the Colts players and Pacer players live in gated communities up here. With those communities no one sits in a gatehouse. There is a keypad and you have to know the password for your particular person you are visiting to get in. Seems more efficient then paying someone to sit there, right???? Although, on a positive note, I suppose it does provide a few jobs in a small town.

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  1. You go girl I totally agree. However, I see a few names here in the rural area that really give me pause to think. . . .Dead Horse Road, Possum Junction, Utopia Road, Leprechaun Lane. There are places I could NOT live if given the property, I have 'a little' pride.