Teaching Your Chicks Their First Words- BEWARE.

I may be old Mother Hen but I still have memory of the many things my little chicks did.  Some adorable, some abominable.  Be forewarned what you are going to read following is just a small sample of the pain inflicted on Mother Hen & Father Rooster while held prisoner in a moving vehicle.

It all started while traveling home from something I totally cannot begin to remember as the following burned into our brains more than the actual reason for the trip.  As a lark or maybe for the challenge to see if we would break, my youngest little Spicy Chicken decided to see if she could talk non stop until we got home.  Picture this in your mind, a small chick of about 10-12 yrs old in backseat parents in the front.  Let’s begin this trip home.

I wonder if I can talk non stop until we get home, I bet you don’t know who got in trouble today at school and had to go to the principals office, and did I tell you about at recess how the boys were trying to get the girls off the swings, we showed them what we were made of, and all my favorite colors are as follows purple, silver, black, yellow, white, red, blue, green, gray no maybe pink then gray, anyway I am thinking about writing a pen pal and telling them about how when I grow up I want to talk about everything at least once, I think they will agree, and then maybe I will set out to sail across the ocean and drink tea with Queen Elizabeth, oh my favorite food is lettuce, no dressing, then raw cabbage, and I do adore my candy really most any kind of candy, even dirty jaw breakers that are drug out from under the refrigerator, and I love love love to try on new cloths when I get home from a shopping trip and I make my Dad look at every single new piece, I wonder if my freckles will ever go away or if the grow as I grow and get bigger, I think I would like to visit all the places with New in the name like New Boston, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, New Zealand, New Mexico, I also love to take my feet and push on Vanessa’s mattress on the top bunk of our beds and really make her mad every night, and did you know every time I go swimming I swallow water and have to throw up a little over the side of the pool, my favorite number of all time is 9 you know I like all odd number the best, maybe next year for Christmas I can get a boom box, and some ice skates, and you know I never did get my cash register I asked for or my circus birthday cake, I (inhale big breath here ) think it is so stupid to have spelling words every week I mean who is really going to need all those words anyway, I think I will wear my sparkle headband to school tomorrow I love it, and when do you think I can start wearing a bra, are we getting close to home my mouth is getting really tired.

You will notice no period or break in sentence and that is just what she did.
OMG this went on for over 30 minutes NON STOP I am not kidding, our ears were bleeding.  My hope ( J ) is Spicy Chicken gets to experience this from little Chicken Nugget and be waiting in rush hour traffic to get the full appreciation of teaching your kids to talk. 

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