Lip Gloss?

Soooo I bought a new eye shadow situation at Kroger today. I've quickly discovered that I don't want to look frumpy by not wearing makeup now that Im home all the time yet I don't want to spend the time to do a full face either. **Side note...Tom had no idea what the word “frumpy” meant today when I ran this past him** Back to the eyeshadow..I basically wanted something with fabulous shine but didn't need to be applied with a brush and was a light neutral color that I can just quickly swipe on with no shading needed. Cover girl has this girl covered! I found the perfect product. Heres the only issue. It sat on my kitchen counter all day and beside it sat my chap stick. The problem: the packaging looks so much like a lip gloss that I literally almost put in on my lips like three times today. Why do they package different beauty products to look like other products??? I have thought about this before but never gotten quite as confused as today...well except for one other time.
So if we just travel back nine years ago...........(For a while there was lip gloss that came in what looked like a nail polish bottle. ) I was sitting in my friend's bedroom at her makeup table and we were just gabbing away as we were getting ready for a football game and I saw the most perfect shade of “lip gloss.” I decided to help myself to her gloss. Just as I started to feel the intense horrible sting on my lips she turned to me and was like “what are you doing????????????????????” and then I realized that I had INDEED put actual nail polish on my lips. SHIT! How do I get this off?? I rubbed. Most came off but it was a bit splotchy where it had already dried. Lucky for me it was a subtle shade. I had almost forgotten this story until today when I kept almost putting the eyeshadow on my lips.

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  1. Just wait till you get a bit older and eyes don't always work without assistance of glasses . . . .it gets really fun, air freshner to the hair etc.

    Love the new look and font! Much easier for old eyes to read.