I LOVE to make lists. I was just inspired by another blog I follow to make a list. So I began small...as you always should with any project. I made a whole idea list of things to do with having more time at home. It went well. It feels good to have officially declared many of the things Ive secretly wanted to do for sometime. Now I shall do them... I hope. The thing with lists is though I can get so carried away. I almost need a list of all my different lists and where I keep each list so I dont get all confused. I currently have a grocery list, a what to do when bored list, a list of what Im going to cook in the next 3 weeks, a checklist of what to clean before house showings, and a list of all the houses we want to buy. I also love notepads. When I buy them I can just envision how I will use the new notepad and how much more organized I will be with it....except I have a drawer full of them now. I cant pass up buying on that is super fabulous and cute just because I have a zillion already. I bet when I die my kids will be so pissed at all the drawers of old lists and unused notepads that they will have to deal with. Oh my..

I love: (in no particular order)

  1. My family
  2. Guava scented Korres lotion and bodywash
  3. Purple
  4. potatoes
  5. eyeliner
  6. eyeshadow
  7. chapstick
  8. wrapping paper/gift bags
  9. ribbons
  10. tissue paper
  11. scrapbook paper
  12. my cricut
  13. glue (especially paste-- like the kind we had growing up)
  14. scissors
  15. almost all animals
  16. snow
  17. umbrellas
  18. skinny vanilla lattes
  19. hoodie sweatshirts
  20. the brand “junkfood” tshirts (they really are the coziest ever)
  21. YOGA PANTS!!!! (I cant believe I didnt list this until #21)
  22. decorative pillows
  23. organizing
  24. Big cities
  25. a fabulous dinner out
  26. wine :-)
  27. getting ALL DOLLED UP!
  28. To dance (not in a club and not to impress people...only to feel good and laugh)
  29. McCalisters iced tea
  30. cupcakes
  31. chocolate
  32. animal prints
  33. leg warmers
  34. Citizen” brand jeans
  35. North Face...so warm
  36. candles...(vanilla, bamboo, and anything fireside-ish)
  37. scarves
  38. SPARKLES..anything that sparkles, anything.
  39. Pinterest.com
  40. my new purple hangers
  41. Quilts
  42. antiques
  43. ROSES!
  44. My nikon
  45. this little sparkly jewel thing-a-ma-jig that my mom gave me YEARS ago when I was tiny.
  46. Lovey ( my bear from childhood)
  47. my wedding ring and all heirloom jewelry I have.
  48. Etsy.com
  49. country music
  50. Dirty Dancing
  51. Clueless
  52. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  53. Talking about anything thats an uncomfortable subject to most people.
  54. A new found love...arched doorways in homes.
  55. To refinish anything to make it something different or bring new life to it!

I will stop here because I bet I could keep going for at least another 50 things. It just makes me so happy to think of all that stuff that makes me smile.


  1. Here is another to add to your list. Since you obviously need this to keep yourself organized -Learn to make a spread sheet LOL hahahahahahaha

  2. I love your love of lists. I also love the list that you listed. I also would have listed many items that you listed on my own list if I made a list like the one you listed. It's funny..when you say a word over and over again it loses it's meaning.."listed"..what does that even mean?!?!?! Haha