I just bought all purple hangers for my closet. I just stand in there and look at them all neatly in a row with my second favorite thing (clothes) hanging from them. They are so beautiful. I really am in awe. I owe my new found sense of happiness and contentment to The Container Store. I wish there was one of everything on this earth in purple. Im would kill for a purple Kitchen Aid mixer, but I do not bake. :-( But maybe I need it as a decoration anyway??? :-) There is actually a store in either North or South Carolina that is ONLY PURPLE THINGS!!! Going there is on my bucket list. I know this because my friend actually stopped there when visiting family and bought little Nugget the cutest little purple shoes ever. I bet the owner and I are soul mates.

Chicken Nuggets birthday party has almost taken a life of its own. By that I mean that it almost shifted from a birthday party to just a purple party. I had to get myself in check and dial it down. HOWEVER, it has prompted me to have the ultimate best idea EVER for when we get moved into a new house. I will have a PURPLE PARTY!! It will be my version of a housewarming party but instead it will be an official explosion of purple. Sounds so amazing right?? I will serve those purple potatoes and and some delish eggplant appetizer! The ideas are just flowing. This is official notice to go ahead and find your most fabulous purple outfit ever for such event.

This was such a good release. Im so relaxed and happy just thinking about all the purple. Im not lying. My mood level just raised at least 3.2 notches.

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  1. I hope to be invited to this purple jamboree of extravagance!