A Shiny Day!

Day one of being a domestic goddess went smashingly! It started off as the dreaded day of a “MAJOR grocery shopping trip” I HATE those days. I just do not enjoy grocery shopping like some people do. But up and down each isle I went. Luckily, I had Janae and Tom is stow so it wasn't as bad. Thanks to my friend, Kelly, her amazing advice turned my frown upside down on this dreaded day of shopping. Number one on my list was Kelly's newly recommended product of “Lemi-Shine.” I was so excited to first off have found it with ease (this usually never happens) but then second come home and use it. I don't know how familiar you all are with this product but apparently I have been living under a flippin rock. It helps make all your dishes crystal clean in the dishwasher. We have hard water so it is always such a disappointment to me that they always look so yucky and you can feel the hard water mineral film on your dishes. “Lemi-Shine” is the bomb!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! I used it immediately yesterday and it more than surpassed my expectations!! I can never live without this again!! I even loaded up “clean” dishes today and ran a quick cycle with it just so all my glasses look so pretty and shiny!! Major thumbs up and I think I will need to buy stock in this one. “Lemi-Shine” you made my day!!!


  1. Never heard of it. Where did you find it and guessing you add into your dishwasher???? Where - how?

  2. Ok..Val--never use it with cups or plates that have a picture on them! We have some beer glasses with pics on them and after I ran them thru the dishwasher the pics were faded off..it's a great product but it's strong!!!!!!!