Year of the Sparkle. My Golden Globe wrap up.


A close second place goes to Sofia Vergara. Damn, she is sexy! Where can I buy an accent and body like that!!???

And 3rd place goes to Jessica Alba. Lovely.

My not so positive notes on “The Globes”

  1. Nicole Richie looked pregnant in that dress.
  2. Lea Michele looked like a very scarey ice skater.
  3. Jessica Biel couldn't have possibly worn anything LESS flattering. MAJOR YUCK!
  4. Evan Rachel Wood...at first glace I thought I liked but then I realized the dress looked like it just might be alive and a peacock head would pop out and any second and come running after me.
  5. Natalie Portman. Oh my. Her dress had a strong resemblance of one of those motorcycles with the side cart. I mean what the hell was just sitting on the side of her hip. Did they give her an extra seat for her dress??
  6. Finally.. Kelsey Grammer you make me sick. I don't like you, you slime ball. Im a big Beverly Hills housewives fan (so Im obviously “Team Camille”) and you are a loser and I hate that you had to announce on this night that your also slimy new wife is pregnant with your twins.

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  1. Gosh I don't think I understand how you 'really' feel about the Golden Globe airing. :-) You know CNN may be calling you soon to cover some of the political candidates. . . . RUN FOR COVER YOU GUYS!!!!!