An Adventure.

Ice Skating.
Need I say more???

-While watching a movie about 3 months ago-

     Tom: “You know, Im actually a really amazing ice skater..”
     Me: “Oh really??? How could I not know this about you?”
     Tom: “ I used to go a lot when I was younger”
     Me: I nod and in my head: (Ok dude..whatever...your gonna eat your words.)

-I text my entire family telling them the most recent smack I just heard come out of Tom's mouth.
-My sister's husband responds with “I can spin tight circles”
-Its on! You idiots did this to yourselves. It is now my quest to schedule an ice skating day for the family to watch these dumb-asses try to ice skate.
-The date is scheduled.
-Week of: I find out Tom hasn't actually been skating since he was a 5th grader but tells me to keep in mind he is a natural athlete and picks up on things quickly.
-I make sure I have my insurance card in wallet and drive to ice rink.
-We pull in and I see all these kids getting out of cars---flocking in. Before this moment I hadn't considered how stupid we are all going to look ice skating along side of millions of 14yr olds.
-We are all nervous.
-We soon find out that no one in our family is good at ice skating. Matt doesn't spin tight circles and Tom says it doesn't feel the same as when he was in 5th grade........ Shocking.
-The tongue on toms ice skates keeps sliding to the side. He gets friction burn all over his ankles.
-Additionally he tries to do a spin. It sucks. He doesn't fall but did get schooled by a little girl who skated past, laughed, and said “nice try.”
-I love that girl.

Next adventure is putt-putt I've been told.

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  1. It is truly amazing how the mind still sees us doing things like we did in 5th grade but the body has a whole different approach = ie. hula hooping My 'kids' all looked at least very happy skating, I won't lie and say how graceful and natural everyone skated. Think you may still have 1-2 ice skating play days before Crazy Chicken & brother Chester Chicken show you guy how is done! lol