The Container Store.

How are women just are born programed to love tiny things, baskets, gift wrap, clothes, makeup, etc...this list goes on and on. I mean its really crazy to see my chicken nugget at age ONE already enthralled with baskets. What is it?? How can we be so drawn to these things. I've always had a weakness of my own for all sorts of storage. I mean organizing is like my number 3 hobby so it only makes sense that I get such a thrill out of an amazing basket or tote.

With all this said I have a new mecca of sorts. The Container Store. (as mentioned in a previous post about my purple hangers) Its brilliant. I heard of it years ago on the Oprah show and I knew at that very moment this store would change my life. After patiently awaiting its arrival in the Indy metro area, IT'S HERE!!!--and I LOVE IT. I feel so complete. I've been a few times now. Its a little like Target in the sense that you go in for absolutely nothing yet come out having spent somewhere near 100 dollars. Its a store that no doubt will have some thing you cant possibly go about your life without. For instance last weekend I realized that my heart could no longer beat if I didn't have this: 

I walk up and down each and every isle and just imagine how much more user friendly and efficient my house is about to become. Slowly but surely I plan to own everything in the store. Its all like the gift that just keeps giving. First, you go to the store and a wave of happiness and serenity comes over you as you feel the presence of the container Gods. Then you find the perfect item(s) to change the feel and flow of your house. Excitement overflows. Last you go home and the best part remains.... putting it in place and feeling so accomplished.

Some of you may work out for your adrenaline rush but I just organize. It makes me much less exhausted and equally happy.

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  1. I love to think about all the things im going to organize! and it definitely gets me pumped to purchase a new organizational item!