Desperate to stay trendy, I have spent so much time and energy experimenting and playing around with some new looks during my first year being a Mama. I have some “ah-ha” moments and a few tough pills to swallow when it comes to my wardrobe and whats actually practical.

First, I'd like to announce I have gotten rid or/ donated/ gave away almost all of my black work clothes that were necessity while I worked at the salon. I swear I was still wearing some shirts and pants bought when I started at the salon 6 years ago. Im so thrilled to no longer look at a closet that's over half full of black. With that said I do still enjoy black. I look good in it since Im so border line albino. I have also come to grips with the fact that I look awful in white, pastels (which I don't love anyway), pink & yellow/mustard. These pieces have also been removed from my closet.

Second, lets address my shoes. Oh my lovely high heels.... I love you so. HOWEVER I almost never wear them. They simply aren't safe to wear if I have the nugget in tow. Additionally, they aren't comfortable unless Im going somewhere where I plan to sit perfectly still with no walking required. Lets just be honest. Why do we all act like heels are actually comfortable? I ADORE high heels and do think they are the most flattering shoe on a lady and still will jump at the chance to put a pair on. The thing is, I'm done 'acting' like they are comfy for everyday. I'm still trying to make myself like flats. Im coming around but its difficult. Wedges are a great &safe compromise for the outfits that just don't work with flats or simply need a bit more sas. I just cant even watch these celebrities like Victoria Beckham wearing her 5 inch heals carrying her baby. Its terrifying. Take those shoes off you crazy girl!!!! Good lord! I have not yet parted ways with any of my heels but I know that at some point I need sort through them. I really don't think I need 6 pairs of black pumps. In good time.......

Shoes lead me to talk about pants. Flare vs. bootcut vs. skinny. Bootcut is obviously the most common, but-in my opinion- look the worst with flats. I like the 70's flare the most. They look good with flats and heels. Skinny jeans - It has taken me a few years to come around to the trend but I have found that my new mom style is skinny jeans! I actually shocked myself! The thing about them is its such an EASY way to look really cute and fashionable with no effort and little accessorizing. They are such a bold style that you instantly look trendy and cute. We all know you cant wear any cute jewelry with babies around so I like the extra punch of cuteness skinnies provide! I don't feel like a flare or bootcut catches peoples eye the same way with such minimal effort. So Im NOW fully on board with skinny pants. Watch --they will go out of style since I FINALLY embraced them! Eeeeek!!!! PLEASE DONT!!!

Now for those of you who ask me these questions about staying at home full time:
  1. I still wear a bra everyday.
  2. I still put on some makeup everyday.
  3. My hair is styled at least three to four days a week.
  4. I haven't yet worn pajamas for a full day. I always get dressed. (usually in yoga pants)
  5. I don't yet watch any soap operas. (and I do not plan on it either)

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