Say Cheese!

I want to kiss who ever started awkwardfamilyphotos.com. If you don't go to this website and laugh your booty off, you literally aren't allowed to read this blog anymore. Its actually so funny how popular this website has become! I personally didn't know of it until maybe like a year ago but almost 3 years ago the Hubs and I started a bit of a tradition that you will find to be very similar to this website. (if you ask me someone very close to me had to have ripped off my idea and is now a gazillionaire from it—Whoever you are you owe me!) I can remember so clearly. We were at church and all the sudden I was like OMG!!! Lets do a photo-shoot when we get home. (not sure what in church would have inspired this but whatever..) He was kinda like “um..okay....I think.....” I honestly don't know why the dude keeps going along with my insane plans. My obsession with photography and photo-shoots began that day..in that moment. To make what could be a super duper long story short we took photos. They were awkward. Got them developed. Had to sign a waiver because the drugstore didn't believe me that weren't professional. WHHHATTTT????? I would NEVER pay to have this bullshit taken of us! Check it out--

OMG. I cant stop laughing, myself, at these. Wow. Can you say CREEEEEEPY!??!

Now to take this crazy idea one step further I decided to show everyone I knew these photos. Im pretty sure this was not part of the original deal nor was developing these pictures. I even took them to work and left them on the break room table for everyone to see.
Since that day we have had many photo-shoots involving more family members. TRUST ME...these photos are epic. Id LOVE to share but I have been forbidden. :-( MOTHER HEN YOU ARE NO FUN!
I have a new concept for our next family event. This one is sure to dazzle the hell outta everyone!!! :-)


  1. Come on now, didn't I play nice and even go the mile for Christmas cards with the photos. And why did you post these almost normal shots I KNOW you had some others really on the edge?

  2. i love the vignette on the tom pic! We need to do a shoot like this soon! ;)