Now that Valentine's Day is over, it only means one thing. Time for St. Patrick's Day socks!! That's right. Socks. I ADORE holiday themed socks. They just make me smile. I mean socks are just socks so why do we have to be all conservative like evvverrrrrything else in life and wear the standard white sock?? You know the whole “its the little things in life..” saying??? Well this is MY little thing. Holiday socks (and a good fuzzy sock) make me smile ear to ear. How can you possibly be in a bad mood when you are rocking out some fun graphic and colorful socks??? Only a few people even know this about me but if you ever see me wearing boots, I, without a doubt, have on fun socks underneath. Sometimes they aren't even relevant to the nearest holiday. :-) We all take life so seriously..as we should about SOME things ...but its so fun to have something meaningless to goof off with. A.K.A. My socks. Its a harmless tradition I have going on. The average pair only costs like 2-3 dollars. No matter who you are a few dollars isn't that much to bring a smile to your face and maybe even a giggle.
Just so you know...JoAnn Fabrics has, by far, the best of the best when it comes to my holiday sock selection. I feel like theirs are the best fabric being a bit thicker but also the designs are just so fun! I bought some Valentine socks from CVS on a whim last week and they are def. not up to snuff. Still fun though. One time I even had LIGHT UP Christmas socks!!! Every time you took a step or moved your foot they would flash! They were kind of like the Rolls Royce of socks. The washing machine killed the light thingy....or my husband did. Its still a mystery. He wasn't as fond of that pair.
Anyway.....I hope to mosey on down to my JoAnn Fabric store this week yet and grab my new St. Patty's Day socks!! I get so excited to see the new designs!! :-) :-) 


  1. So much more fun than panties I mean you can look at them much easier and more during the wearing time hahahahah

  2. Val...did we just become best friends? haha..i almost ALWAYS wear fun socks--I have been doing this since middle school..i used to have this boy in my health class ask me DAILY what socks i was wearing..I'd try to mix it up and wear one Elmo one and one Hello Kitty one now and then....i love it because no one knows but me.