Auto Commercials.

Almost every auto commercial is centered around some RIDICULOUS terrain that said vehicle is showing off its magnificent power- which is never needed in everyday life. Truck commercials bother me the very most though. They are always driving up some insane swirly twirly hill that has no sides and if they steered just an inch wrong the truck would fall off the edge, all the while pulling some giant piece of equipment equivalent of a solid concrete skyscraper OR speeding away from the biggest most unrealistic tsunami ever.

The settings: These “environments” don't exist. And if they do I don't know ANYONE who has ever experience anything like it. If these do exist I also don't know anyone that would need to pull a large piece of machinery behind in such a landscape and/or would need drive though a ring of fire and then ramp over a large body of water to arrive at their destination.

The actors/actresses: No one ever looks like that. Almost never do we wear ball gowns and are dripping with diamonds. Additionally the image they try to portray for a construction workers etc. is always one of the two: too dirty and looks like he has showered in 14 weeks or is WAY too clean and is lounging around as if he doesn't actually have work to do.

I could go on and on about this. Every time I catch a car/truck commercial I HAVE to rehash this whole subject with anyone thats near me. Sorry Tom! You get the brunt of this. The most important thing to know is not only do these commercials fail to make me to drool in envy over their vehicle but Im always a little embarrassed for the maker. Their brand and advertisement just looks silly. I don't have any new ideas for them but I know there are lots of smart marketing and advertising professionals out there so someone ought to have a better idea!! COME ON PEOPLE!!!!

WOW! I feel so much better that I made my feelings on this public!

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