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Whats the deal with throw pillows anyway??? I mean, I freaking LOVE them!!! But really, now with a child, they are never even on the couch...and if they are on the couch they certainly aren't positioned correctly! Even after all the extra mess they seem to make in the living room, I still adore their fun bursts of color. Throw pillows are as much a necessity to design as earrings to any outfit! With all of this said, I spent a small fortune on the ones we have now four years ago when we moved into this house. I still REALLY like them. As I mentioned in my list post though, Im CrAzY over ikat fabrics right now. I feel like the pillows is the best place to bring the print in. eeek! I don't know what to do. It's so hard to part ways with the pricey ones I already have and love but I also want the freshness of something new! 

As I have been stewing over my dilemma, I began to think about the whole concept of decorative throw pillows. I mean, when did people even start to “decorate” their houses with pillows. Im pretty sure the first person do that seemed completely off their rocker. I bet everyone was like “um..pillows are for your head when you sleep you weirdo.” Its normal now … but when you really think about it....its kinda stupid. Really - its all nonsense....vases sitting around with nothing in them?? Rugs in places that aren't near a door?? Paintings of shit that half the time has no meaning---at least to anyone but the painter. Candle sconces on the wall that NONE of us ever light???? BUT I LOVE IT ALL!!!!! I get so jazzed to pick up a Crate & Barrel or Pier 1 catalog and look at all the meaningless stuff I can buy just to set around in my house. Its just so funny when you think about it.

I need to really research more on this very serious life decision of my throw pillows. Ill keep you all informed of what I end up with. Until then.....enjoy thinking about all the meaningless yet fabulous stuff you own. :-) 

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