Pronounced “coupe”

Don't worry you probably are not familiar with this word. Myself and some friends made this up about 2.5 years ago at a Kewp dinner in New York City. Alica Keys and Jay Z sort of sum up the whole experience “There's nothing you can't do, now you're in new york. these streets will make you feel brand new. Big lights will inspire you.” It took only moments for this word to come to life at this fabulous dinner in the Meat Packing District of NYC. We were at Spice Market. It was dim, with the most extravagant décor through out its two levels. A sexy dining experience, I must say. The energy was high and the wine flowing. Just imagine our table full of hairstylists. “kewp” came to life.

kewp” doesn't have a real defined meaning. Its pretty flexible. It can be used in place of “oh cool” or “I agree” I think thats the beauty of “kewp”.... this word can be used in what ever fashion works for you.
Here are a few examples to get you started being a “Kewp-daddy-Flex”
Are we all kewp?” is like saying “does everyone understand?”
Kewpster” is what I might call someone who is a good friend
Kewp-a-Doodle” is similar to “Thats amazing”
kewp-a-loop” is like “I agree”
Oh thats Kewp” would be like “ Oh thats awesome”
Kewp” can be used like “Gotcha”
Hey Kewper” instead of “hey dude”

kewp” actually caught on as hard as that is to believe. Like I said before, its been 2.5 years since the evening of its creation and its used more than ever within the creator's circles of family and friends. Our only hope is to encourage everyone who learns of it to use it and share it. through this blog I personally challenge you all to use/share this word with at least one person. Even if for no other reason then the fact that its hilarious to use “kewp” with someone new and see if they act like they understand what you just said or if they call you out on it. Go ahead...give it a shot....Its addicting!

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