List # 1

-I think Im falling in love with ikat patterns. I need to find a way to incorporate into my house. Pillows? Painting? Window treatment?

-I want to spray paint something.

-We just had our first spring daytime hail storm. I did NOT like it.

-I really must delete old documents on our computer.

-My newest habit is using at least 4 dryer sheets with each load of laundry.

-Im enjoying these Honey Roasted Mauna Loa Macadamias.

-I have no idea how to teach Janae about hills. She has no regard for the hill in our backyard and is going to tumble down if I let go.

-My “shopping cart” on Victoria's Secret website is out of control. Do I REALLY need all this for spring?

-I love all the fun gifts the Hubs brings home to us when he goes on business trips!

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