List #2

1. Too many things to say today.
2. I haven't yet started to read my one book for March. Crap.
3. Changing time sucks even worse with a child and when you travel to a different time zone. UGH!
4. No longer getting ikat patterned pillows due to purchase of a patterned side chair for living room.
5. Cant wait to get deck furniture back out! Im loving this warm weather!
6. I cant stop daydreaming about our pending trip to Cabo, Mexico! Like for real...its 6 months away. I need to get a life!
7. Im so excited for Fashion Star to begin tomorrow night. I love Jessica Simpson!!
8. Last night I told the nugget to pick up a toy and take it to her room and she did it!!!!!!!
9. I love using my day planner.
10.OBSESSED!!!!!!!!-- with my new orange pants. I cant get enough of this colored denim! I might have to get a pink pair yet!
11. Thanks to Mother Nature and temps in the 70's, Im wearing my cropped yoga pants for the first time this spring!
12. It drives me crazy that on Kathy Lee and Hoda never drink their drinks on their show. Whats the point of having them sit there?
13. I have an AMAZING story brewin to share! Look forward to it later this week!

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