List #3.

1. Paradise Bakery changed their cookies from think, soft, yummy, and super fab to thin and stupid. I HATE their new cookies. So.Let.Down.
2. I want to rename what we currently call the guest bedroom/office. 
3. I love to nickname and/or abbreviate everything and everyone.
4. Im trying to enjoy “Band of Brothers” with Tom as its one of his favorite movies. However its not funny or romantic and its scarey to me. Im having a hard time but Im trying and thats love.
5. I could take photos of my pretty lil nugget like every second of every single day.
6. Purple Easter flowers have bloomed. Makes me so happy. :-)
7. Everyday I happen to pick up my cell phone and look at it at 11:11am and it freaks me out. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN????

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