The MANual: Part Two.

Alright. Its my turn. This is part two of the MANual from my perspective.

1. If you notice that your woman is doing a chore (folding laundry) you could at least offer to help. It's a pretty safe offer on your part. Most of us will probably say no because WE ALL know things need to be done our way which IS the right way. Just the thoughtfulness of you asking makes us happy.

2. It is not okay to wear black pants/shorts with a blue top. It looks hideous.

3. Throw pillows should not be sat on. They are expensive and for decoration only. Do you really wanna smash them all up and force me to spend more money on new ones???

4. DO NOT TELL ME TO CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!! I can assure it will ALWAYS piss me off more and if I wanted to calm down I would all on my own. You telling me that doesn't just magically make me calm. So stop it, OK???

5. You owe to me doing all chores that are really physical like mowing etc. because I gave you a child.

6. If I want to re-hash the same subject over and over again can you just smile, be interested, and pay attention. Just do this for me.

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