March Update!

We are half way through the month and I thought I should check in on my March goals.

-I Finally dug into my book, "Ellen Degeneres Seriously...I'm Kidding". Im half way through and loving it. Its an easy read that makes me laugh out loud. I love her positivity and babbling about nonsense!

-I wore my apron last night when I made lasagna!! I really need to cook more than I do AND wear my apron!!

-I have already completed my painting!

-My day planner has saved my life! I just cant get the hang of using the calendar on my iphone. Im sorry..Im old school. I need to write it down.

-I think I have stretched almost every day. I know for sure I missed one day but Im doing pretty good. I even did a few pilates workouts.

-I HAVE NOT yet crocheted anything. Eeek! I need to get on that. Im planning to crochet some wash cloths or attempt a headband. Wish me luck!

So far we have had a fabulous month. We are approaching actual spring and its been the best weather EVER!!! Most of all Im thrilled to have officially busted out my cropped yoga pants. You all know how much my yoga pants meant to me :-) 

So far due to amazing weather we have:
-played in the yard at least 6 times.
-Been to the park twice!
-I have laid out once.
-Janae got her first skinned up knee
-She also got muddy for the first time (she wasnt sure if she liked it)


  1. You forgot to mention you were 'forced' to to sit out in the sun! Caught some sun today myself, see a little pink tonight. LOVE that mowing, know it is crazy but great time to think.

  2. LOVE LOVE the blog :) I know how to crochet but have never made anything and taught myself a basic knit stitch but haven't made anything with that either lol