My Domestic Goddess Job Description.

A prior client of mine has a blog called Pink Ink. She too in the last year began staying at home with her young son. So everyone once in a while I check in and see what she is up to. I found this blog post of hers from when she began staying at home. It was an evaluation/survey of her “duties” and “responsibilities” that she approached her husband with. I thought it was kinda funny yet interesting so I thought I'd just do a little version of my own and see what the dude really cares about. Not that I plan to change based on what he says...HAHAHAHA!!!

So the deal is this: scale of 1-5, not important to him at all being 1 and having high expectations being 5.
sweep & mop floors-2
keep our kitchen & living room tidy-3
grocery shop-1
pick up toys-1
plan adult social outings-1
cook dinner-3
have play dates for Janae-4
wearing makeup and having hair done-2
wearing regular clothing-3
arranging babysitters when needed-1
be in charge of the family agenda-3
gather trash and take out-1
clean cat box-1
handle Dr. appointments-4
family photography and documentation of our lives-5

I ended by asking: “do you have any additional comments, thoughts, or concerns??
sexual pleasure is a 5” The Turkey Tom added.

So thats that. Now we know how he really feels. He is an easy goin guy with few expectations unlike most men years ago... 

I've seen a few times now on the Today Show where they have read from "The Good Wife's Guide." Its an article from 1955. 
Click here to read: The Good WIfe's Guide
I sure wouldn't have been considered a domestic goddess in those times. F*** that list!!  Its amazing how expectations of wives, husbands, mothers, and Fathers have all changed. thank goodness for it! I try to handle most household duties but i expect a little help from Tom too! I think in this day and age most men are chipping in some. No matter what that article says or what his response to the survey, Im so lucky to have an amazing, supportive, & helpful husband and father to my nugget whose main concern is everyones happiness. 

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  1. Seriously the Good Wife's Guide probably led to the divorce situation we have today!!! That or the reason prisons are so full, I would probably kill before putting up with that BS