On A Hawaiian Walk.

It was our first full day in Hawaii on our honeymoon. First thing on our to do list was to find the local market and grab some snack food to keep in our condo. We referenced the amenities binder in our room to find the nearest store. Fab! There is one that is walking distance -or so it says. So out we go... On what was going to be beautiful walk to the store. These are our first glances of beautiful Hawaii in daylight. We wandered through our community and eventually out to the main road that led to our destination. OH SNAP!!!! The store is at the top of what was at least a 17mile high mountain. It's important to acknowledge that would have been the point where we should have turned around and revised this plan to walk to the store. But being hyper newlyweds and on our dreamy honeymoon we had very clouded judgment. We pushed on like idiots. After climbing what I can only imagine was comparable to Mount Everest, if not a bit higher. I was sweaty, tired, and wishing I hadn't worn my new flip-flops that weren't broke in yet. But we made it. Still giddy & annoyingly energetic, we continued on into the store. Up and down through the store....things flying into the cart right and left....You'd think we were having a huge party by the amount of food we were gathering. We checked out. I think it was almost 200 dollars. Those were some pretty serious “snacks.” The money spent was not the issue, however. As we strolled right out into the parking lot we suddenly remember we WALKED HERE!!!!! We had a cart FULL of bags. Oh shizzzzzz! Tom ran back in to grab a phone book so we could call a cab to come get us. If you have been to Hawaii you understand that hawaiians are never stressed and everything goes. When Tom asked for the phone book one of the clerks was like “just take the cart with you on your walk back.” I mean come on! Are you serious right now??? They insisted we do that and not call the cab. So you guessed it. WE DID IT. Problem solved right?? No. Dont forget about the mountainous hill we climbed up. Yep...We have to go back down that motha. I have few words (surprisingly) to describe this part of the story. The trip taking the cart back to the condo- or the cart taking us back was priceless. It involved many stopping points to laugh and moments of pure terror that we would let go the cart and it would hit a car. Im sure we looked like the biggest bunch of morons ever of all time or the richest looking homeless people. We did make it back safely. The shopping cart sat at the bottom of the stairs by our condo all week as the store also insisted we didn't need to bring it back.