SJP & The Black Bra.

So this look SJP rocked out recently with the lace top and black strapless bra underneath has obviously caused a stir. Most people hate it but I happened to LOVE it. While watching the debate over this ensemble on “Fashion Police” I found it funny how one person can loathe this look and another find it so brilliant! I personally always enjoy a bit of edginess as long as it is surround by other pieces that keep the look grounded. So for instance SJP had on such an amazing skirt that was so conservative in length and really soft full hair but then POW! The one, two punch with her top!

I love that we live in such an “anything goes” sort of society. No matter what you have on, no matter how crazy, someone out there not only gets it but loves it! Some days I want to be high fashion, and others times I'll cover myself in sparkles and look like a 6 year old. The only important thing to me is to see someone dressed and carry a look that is a part of who they really are.   SJP owned that look and rocked it out hard. Anyone who knows her style knows that look was spot on for her. I loved it, loved it, loved it. I also secretly wish I had somewhere to go that I could wear something similar and not look like a fool here in the fashion-conservative Indiana!


  1. I love everything SJP does EVERYTHING. I want to meet her before I die lol we share the same wedding anniversary I believe that we are destined to meet :)

    1. HAHA You crack me up. I swear you and I are almost the same person! :-) I do adore her though.