A Story About a Cat.

Seven years ago, one of my final senior art projects was to create a life like animal. We were instructed to use chicken wire to create the shape and frame. From there paper-mache' to make it solid. Depending on what animal you made, you were responsible for covering it in appropriate hair, fur, feathers, etc. The pressure was on..these bad boys were going to be displayed in the library when finished! I was just months away from moving to Indianapolis and had just gotten a cat so that I wouldn't get lonely once I moved. So of course my new kitty was my “muse” for this project.

First lets address a few things....
-cats are sorta creepy
-fake cats....as in ceramic, drawings, paintings, paper mache'- should never exist as these artistic mediums make fake cats even creepier.

With this all said I did do the unthinkable and created a “life size” cat. And by life size I mean the biggest, most giant, life size cat you can ever imagine. Additionally, I thought I'd dazzle everyone and take this project to the next level. I displayed my cat with its leg in a fish bowl filled with “Goldfish Crackers.” YES. I. DID.
Graduation came and went. I moved to Indianapolis with my real life kitty and settled in just fine. Back to school season was rolling around and Mother Hen got a call from the school. They requested that she come get the cat art project from the library. It was the last one left. Im still shocked to this day that they didn't want to keep it. In fact, I think Im a bit hurt. So mother Hen retrieved it and next thing I know after a weekend visit from family I found it all creepy and hidden behind my couch!

WHAT THE **** is this doing here!!!!!???????”

We all had a good laugh and it quickly became a traveling house warming gift/ joke in my family. Everyone who has moved has found creepy cat hidden in their house. Now if you want to hear something really phenomenal, buckle your seat belt and hold on tight because you are going to hear all about creepy cat's wild ride.............

Sister gets married. Husband gets deployed to Iraq. DOES THIS COUNT AS A NEW HOME???? Family voted: YES!!!!! Creepy cat gets shipped over seas. It cost $40.00. I imagine Matt's reaction was similar to mine six years ago...

WHAT THE **** is this doing here!!!!!???????”

So boys will be boys. Creepy cat was a little “abused” and may or may not have been set on the doorstep of a higher ranking officer. I should also tell you it was a female's doorstep. I hear it wasn't as funny to this female as the boys thought it might be. It was collected as “evidence in a sexual harassment case” There was also a note attached but I think we can all just be creative about what could have written. All the soldiers including my brother-in-law were questioned and possibly in trouble. I would like to make a disclaimer here that to be completely honest Matt truly had nothing to do with creepy cats last quest to the doorstep. He was still questioned though.

Thats it. Creepy cat is gone. She is now in the hands of the federal government. We will never have her back.....

A couple months later a very large, beat up box appears on my front porch. I knew immediately from the stamps/postage that it was from Matt in Iraq. I spent about 3 seconds wondering what it might be....suddenly I just knew it had to be my kitty cat. Back home. Safe and sound. She nows rests in my garage until the next fool in my family moves. 

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