Voicemail Anxiety.

Voicemail sends me into complete and utter panic. Please do not leave me a voicemail unless it is urgent or u have something quick to say with no need of a call back. When I see that I have a voicemail I instantly think something is horribly wrong and that I need to sit down to listen. I know I am not the only person who feels this way. I don't think I have always been this way and Im not sure when or how my feelings changed. If I see you have called I will call or txt you back. This may come as a surprise but I also do not like to leave voicemails. This issue prob. ties into my not wanting to "do business" as I call it. Thats whole different subject that ill have to post about though.  If you see that I called please know that you should call me back or I will be forced to blow up your phone all day calling every 25 minutes.

Side note: I have so many voicemails archived on my phone because it freaks me out to delete them if they have any info I needed at one point in time. I think I need therapy. haha 

ANOTHER Side note: Mother Hen..LISTEN UP!!!!!!  Your home phone's voicemail greeting that is of my 12 year old girly voice is no longer acceptable/appropriate. I have talked to you about this before. I think you and the Rooster King should come up with a new recording of you two speaking in unison, possibly even including a singing portion. just a suggestion. I can help coordinate this if my assistance is needed. ;-) hahahahahah


  1. What are you clucking about, that little chick voice makes everyone think we are still young hip parents?

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