Weekend Round Up.

It is amazing how much you can squeeze into a date once you have kids. This past weekend we basically did the equivalent of like 4 different dates all in less than 24hrs. We began by seeing the movie “Wonderlust”. Then we ate a Joe's Crab Shack. We each ate our own entire order of crab legs ourselves. You would have thought we hadn't eaten in at least 2.5 weeks by the way we INHALED our food. Gosh it was delicious. Next, we enjoyed some live music at a favorite bar from our pre-baby days. Met up with a new friend of Tom's while there. Then back to hotel we stayed at and sat in hot tub. The hot tub was worth the cost of the room alone. Hahahaha just kidding—sorta. BUT it was soooo nice to relax like that. If that wasn't enough we got up in the morning and we went out for breakfast and coffee.

Thats the way to have a date night people! Now, back to “Wonderlust”.....It has Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd in it. I knew it would be good with those two. It was REALLY funny but hands down in my top 3 most uncomfortable movies to watch of all time. Not much makes me squirm but I actually almost had to leave the theater at one point. I couldn't take the awkwardness. I truly have no idea how the actors were able to make the movie. The....um...uh...um.....”intimate” scenes (I guess you would call them) were the worst part. Id love to talk to the person who wrote those parts. HAHA! As for all the other scenes..nonsense...a bunch of nonsense. WHICH I LOVE!!! All in all..I recommend you seeing it but be prepared to want to close your eyes and plug your ears.

In addition to our, what I like to call, ULTRA-date, we had both sets of grandparents up, watched the race, had two house showings, & went shopping all this last weekend! WOW! 

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