Would You Rather....

After a friend from the salon mentioned that she missed my would you rather questions, I thought, oh yes...Friday Fun Day Would You Rather blog post!!!


1-wear bottoms and just a bra on top or be fully clothed on top with just panties on bottom???

2-only have texting service for the rest of your life or only have a landline phone at your house???

3-never be able to eat any sweets again or never be able to drink anything other than water again???

4-always have really bad gas that smelled super bad or have stomach cramps all the time???

5-laugh awkwardly at everyone who speaks to you no matter what was said or never laugh at all???

6-have to wear a collar attached to someone holding a leash or uncontrollably run around always???

7-(instead of shaking hands with someone when you meet them) slap them on the ass or tickle them???

Hope you have fun answering these and asking them to someone today!!

Oh and if you interested in my answers here they are:
1-bra on top
2-landline phone
3-never be able to eat sweets
4-stomach cramps
5-laugh awkwardly
6-wear the collar and leash
7-tickle them 

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