Another Thing I'm Really Good At....

I'm pretty talented at spray painting. I'm going to credit my skills to the “Paint” program on my computer growing up. I pretty much mastered the spray paint tool on there at a young age therefore leading to my professional and mastered skills as an adult. 

So with this said all I want to do all day is one of two things:

1. Go to Home Depot and stand in front of all the shelves filled with every color of spray paint imaginable and try to pick out my very most favorite color. I suppose this is just another reassuring thing that I, indeed, LOVE color. I just get so excited to imagine what all I could spray paint with so many different color, shade, and finish options.
2. Go to goodwill and find amazing photo frames or ceramic animals and spray paint the shit out of them. Oh my.....I just got real excited.
Now I would, by habit, say I'm a “Rust-Oleum” girl at heart but I do find that “Krylon” is a nice product too. I ultimately buy which ever brand has the exact color and finish I want.

My Tips for You:
1.light layers gives a drip/run free finish.
2.If you find that in bright light you can see your “spray paint lines” just you a foam roller over a freshly sprayed layer and it will give it a perfect even coating on top--but only if you aren't hoping for a high gloss finish. 
3.If you want to avoid your finger falling off during a big project after pushing down the nozzle for so long I recommend you purchase a spray paint bottle with the a trigger rather then the push top.
4.Practice makes perfect...don't compare yourself to me,though... because you will likely never excel to my level. Sorry, its true though. ;-)

Once I get moved, Im sure I will take pix of all the new things I spray paint for the new home! Be on the look out --as I know you are just dying to see my work.


  1. I am dying to see your work!! :)

  2. Seriously how do you get your head thru the door? AND where the hell were you when I was spray painting 20 flower pots all needing primer first????? I have sore knees & back from scooting around in the gravel to get all sides as well as a broken spray finger! I will tell you though, my pots are going to make you jealous to know I did them and not your work. . . .Hahahahahahahahahaha