April Moving brings May Grooving ~In a New Home!

My first month of goals went smashingly! I completed all goals...mostly ;-) Best part of all, the month ended with selling our house and buying another! As of today I have 25 days to pack and move. I haven't yet begun to pack but I've been in clean out and throw away mode. Its amazing how much you keep around that you don't actually want/need. I would consider myself a super tidy & organized person, but, I cant believe how much excess is here. I mean do I really need an entire gallon size ziplock of travel sized toothpastes? No. I refuse to move all those. Only a few will stay. Why do I have two sets of measuring spoons? Maybe this is acceptable for someone who cooks A LOT. I don't though, therefore one set is thrown out. I don't even know how I had two sets in the first place. I also sat down and threw out all the nail polishes that are getting thick. Anyway...I could go on and on about all Im getting rid of but you get the point. Its going to be a fun yet CRAZY month. Im ready to tackle it though! So without further ado: My April Goals - that obviously center around moving. Im sure you all can look forward to a great story out of this month's happenings.

I hope you all wish me luck this month and in return I wish you all a sunny, flower-filled, and beautiful April!

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