april showers will hopefully bring MAY FLOWERS- time to stop and smell the roses.

April came & went like the blink of an eye. I LITERALLY cant believe its may. April was a crazy month. Its really a blur to be honest. My biggest hope for May is to not be sitting here in a month feeling like this month was too, a blur. I want to really live each day and take it in. No matter how busy we are with moving, I want to make each day special and not let the big plans take over the little moments that make each days memories.


1.Hook my macbook onto its charger every night so it's not dead every morning.

2.Bring back Margarita Sundays!

3.Get family zoo and pool memberships

4.Plant all my outdoor pots.

5.Find the Nugget the most fabulous frilly swimsuit ever created.(preferably purple with zebra print or polka dots.)


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