Child Proof.

I'm having a MAJOR inner struggle right now...

With the anticipation of the new home I keep imagining where everything will go and what additional items I want to buy. I have so many ideas and continually see so many inspiring rooms as I research.


I HAVE A 15 MONTH OLD!!!!! ENOUGH SAID, right?? As much as I want this picture perfect house and want to have this house look spot on with what I imagine, this is such a daunting and completely irrational expectation. Anyone who has a toddler knows that your house is a total wreck ALL THE TIME. Blocks, torn up paper, socks, pacifiers, diapers, wipes, sippy cup, books, more books, shoes, a few more books, cheerios, baby dolls, etc. This has been one of my biggest struggles since having a baby. It has been such an adjustment to let go of wanting things put away in the right place 24 hours a day. I LOATHE clutter and I feel insane when things aren't where they are “supposed to be.” Im working on this slowly learning to let go little by little. (I have actually gone to bed a couple of times without putting all the toys away out of pure exhaustion) It doesn't prevent me from finding and dreaming so many ideas of great lamps, or coffee table accessories. Then I remember..oh yeah...the Nugget will have that broken, tipped over, or in her play room in no time. Worst of all, these shows and designers on HGTV that design all these “family friendly” rooms and spaces try to trick me into thinking “oh these are great ideas” when in fact there is NO WAY that room is functional. Then there is the whole baby gate issue. I cant stand to look at baby gates and especially imagining them in what will be our new pretty stairway that was one of the main selling points for me. I mean, YUCK! Do I go white and pretend its actually invisible or go with the blackish rod iron gate and pretend it's totally intentional d├ęcor? Then, I even was so ballsy to suggest to the Turkey that maybe we should forego the gates and put the hammer down on stair training.....then he pointed out that I was totally off my rocker and how utterly unsafe that is....Ok, He is right. There is LITERALLY no way of keeping your eyes on these ridiculously fast, little, tiny, miniature, speed demons. She simply can not be trusted by those stairs yet. 

At the end of the day Im just hyper and care way to much about this silly stuff... Im just a little obsessive compulsive and needed to vent. OK? Thanks.

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