Design Seeds.

I've seen these color collections on Pinterest a million zillion times but never actually ventured to their origin until yesterday. As I am planning our family's move into a new home I've had my macbook glued to my lap searching for ideas and inspiration. So through it all I found myself finally checking out Design Seeds. I have to say a success was that I was able to find exactly the inspiration I needed to help me style my new kitchen but the bigger success came creatively through browsing this site. While I could just flip through color combos for hours I can not believe how much I was inspired to get a new painting going. I adore getting out my paint brushes and a fresh canvas and whipping something up but lately I've felt so stagnant. No real desire and no real purpose. Im looking around my current house now and loving what I see but feeling so energized to create new. It's almost a weird feeling of these pieces were made for this house and this house only. It feels odd to imagine them in the new space. So who knows if my current art will be re-used or retired... but I know for sure I cant wait to be settled enough in the new home to enjoy painting something new and fresh during my nugget's naptime...(my only free time.) So without further ado, THANK YOU!!--Design Seeds for a fresh perspective, invigoration, and assurance with my new kitchen colors!--------------------------------------------------->

If you love color and get as excited as I do check out Design Seeds!!! You will be addicted too!

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