Exposed by Mother Hen.

**Mother Hen feels it necessary to expose my “workout.” She thinks I'm completely ridiculous (which I kinda am) and therefore had to make fun of me last weekend and give me a trophy for my efforts. Since this is sort of an “anything goes” type blog and I have indeed invited her to be a guest author anytime she wants I can't exactly turn her down on this. Oh and Just so you all know I have had to put my “workout” efforts on hold due to having totally screwed up my knee while jacking around here at home. :-( 

See The Results. . . .

Here it is the ultimate payoff for hours of sweating, oops I mean three minutes... YES... ‘3’ minutes of “intense” butt exercises a day.

Somehow Spicy Chicken has come up with this regimen of butt exercises that consists of three minutes.. Working her glutemus maximus, on the floor on all fours with one leg straight out behind, raise up and down with inhale/exhale. Switch legs, same drill. She has some trouble getting this worked into her busy schedule, but the proof is here for the world to view. Ha!
Now the real truth. Yes, she does make an entertaining attempt at exercise but the truth lies deeply in the genes. These are designer genes, lol! and well worth the money. Sorry if I seem to not buy into all that exercise hype but I know from personal experience coming from a whopping 98 lbs at age 18. A time of my life I could eat anything, any time of the day or all day long. Nothing. Not until four children later and hhhhhmmmm 25 yrs later (oh, shut up maybe a few more than that) things have changed substantially. Being a towering 5’2” I find I have a bit more fluff than necessary. Exercise???, seriously someone just smack me! I HATE even thinking about it much less participating.

So Ms. Spicy, enjoy the next 25 years give or take 10 then join the real world with the rest of us.

Mother Hen

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