Fancy Nugget.

I love nothing more than the fact that my tiny little Nugget already has the same passions as her Mama. She ADORES brushing her hair and pretending to do her makeup with her very own make up brushes. When I blow dry my hair she MUST have hers done too. When I do my makeup she sits in my lap and follows along. She giggles and watches so intently. If Im down at her level she plays with my hair any chance she gets. She has good taste too....If I let her choose between purses to play with she always chooses to carry my Louis Vuitton. You should see the way she struts around with that bag. She knows she is fancy!

I know these moments wont last forever but for right now Im soaking it in and enjoying every second she wants to be just like me! I hope, as she grows, that I can give her enough freedom to decide who she wants to be on her own. For now it really melts my heart that she loves hair, makeup, and fashion just like me! 

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