The Freezer Files. #1

I've begged Mother Hen to share this with you all. She really is a freezer queen. While we may giggle and send a jab her way in my family about her almost excessive freezing of food, we truly appreciate the benefits of all her hard work and skills of preserving food. Us kids are the direct recipients of her yummy goodness and she always fills our own freezers with every visit. Thank you for your sharing-the freezer files and the food! -Spicey Chicken

A Career Changer. Freeze Anything Queen.

I am proud to say one of the first items Rooster and I bought after getting married was a chest type freezer. So excited to be a ‘real’ homemaker. I mean a stove, refrigerator, (no dishwasher I come from back in the dinosaur age) a washer & dryer and an honest to gosh chest type freezer. UPTOWN. Now my next dilemma, what to put in it. Having grown up with a Mother who not only believed in having enough for today, but next week, next month, heck sometimes even next year I had a real challenge to follow her footsteps. Naturally I started out with the standard ground beef, few chicken legs, even a bag or two of mixed vegetables Just didn’t feel right, I had to do better.

So after some thought and our first ever garden I thought I should not let the squash go to waste. Not sure exactly what to do with them I tried several things – all wrong. I won’t bore you with the details just take my word for it we didn’t eat anything from my efforts. Aaha I shall try potatoes. Again, yuck. I will throw in a side note I haven’t been able to freeze or pressure can either of these with satisfactory results that we like. Best stick to fresh.

None of my hard work yielded anything for my freezer situation. I did however seem to find that on a very tight budget if I was able to squeak in an extra box of cereal on a grocery trip and very limited cabinet space I could just put it in the freezer. Hhhhhmmmm so the next came natural. Extra cereal, corn meal, flour (actually freezing will keep corn meal & flour from getting bugs if you plan on keeping for a while, just 24-48 hrs will do the trick if you want to then get it out to store in cabinet) rice, cookies, potato chips. Oh did I forget to mention you can hide extra Halloween, Easter candy for a quick treat. The key here is ‘hide’.

Feeling pretty proud of myself every time I opened the freezer and looked inside I knew I was off & running.

I will write more on my career as freeze anything queen soon. This should give you some ideas, but I have a few surprises too. Just keep an eye out for part two. Mother Hen

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