"Its the eye of a tiger, the thrill of the fight..."

Oh My Geezers...I think I'm hooked. I would have never dreamt that I would like the Rocky Movies. I have seen the newest one “Rocky Balboa” before and thought it was okay but certainly wasn't into it enough to start from the beginning. Well once again I'm finding myself sitting here sucked into another Rocky...again not starting in the beginning. So after I finish Rocky 2, I am embarking on a Rocky movie series marathon. Its the PERFECT thing to do this week while we are “technically” homeless and back home in Santa Claus. (for those of you who don't know our new house's closing was pushed back for about a week and a half. Therefore with no place to live in Indy we had to come crash at my parents while they are in Mexico.) Back to Rocky..Im finding myself getting really connected to the characters and its not “just a guy movie” that I thought it was. I mean I know Im like WAY LATE to seeing these movies considering the first one was released in 1976 (year my parents got married) but better late than never!! I mean its kinda almost “un-American” of me to have never watched these... so here we go!!

**Im sure I'll be up many other random things to tell you all about during my “Homeless” period here. :-)**

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