I know some japanese...

Hiroshima, nagasaki, kikkoman, origami, sushi, hibachi, tempura, kimono, geisha, hello kitty, sashimi, tokyo, nigirizushi, wasbi, bento, Kona, Asaka, tchopstix....

Turkey Tom doesn't believe Im allowed to claim that I know japanese. UGH! What a debbie downer! 

彼はねじ ! 私はそれが重要だと思います !

Now that I've proven that Im basically a genius to know the japanese language without any formal teaching I need to go ahead and address something:

I don't find it comfortable or appropriate to ask anyone about their race/ethnicity at least without a proper segway into that conversation. However, I must be in the minority on that. I really can not believe how many people and past clients of mine (almost all of them) ask me if I'm either of a Japanese or Chinese ethnicity!

-Im Caucasian with german and french heritage if you must know.... and you need your eyes checked because I really don't see what you all are seeing.
-Why do you need to know?
-Would it change how you feel about me if I was?
-Please don't ask anyone else “what they are”.


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  1. Oh come on you know very well you were adopted from China. Where do you think you got those eyes??????