List #4.

I think I'm annoyed with all these “Singing” reality TV shows. Enough already.

I feel another Would You Rather post brewin.

I want desperately to read like 10 different books right now but I don't even have time for the one I've already started!

When I think another color looks great I feel like Im cheating on purple.

I LOVE Vanilla Coke!

I am not going to pack any boxes today.

If you are going to have blonde hair I expect you to have your new growth touched up every four weeks if not sooner. I CANT STAND dirty dark roots.

Summer fashion always stresses me out because I think it all looks cute but I HATE wearing dresses & shorts.

Almost all of my most prized possessions are things that once belonged to my mother and grandmother. And Im so crazy protective over these things that I refuse to let movers move any of these items. I am doing my own entire car load of these things.


  1. Is it sad that when we moved I made sure my makeup went in someones car lol

  2. i definitely agree with your comment about summer fashion..I always love when it pops up in stores..all the bright colors...but honestly i dislike shorts...i think they can look good on some people...especially when paired with the right sandals/wedges/flip flops...but i personally do not look good in them...Dresses I do like..however me and the twins cannot wear 99% of summer dresses....c'est la vie