To all women who love to shop:

If you have not viewed any videos by Laura Zigman, you really must. She has many on You Tube that I find hilarious but one really sticks out above the rest. I know you all will completely identify with this video and have probably found yourself in this EXACT discussion with your husband. Seriously you will laugh your ass off..check out "Shopping Math is the New Free"
Ive been loving these video creations of her's for quite some time now and for some reason They popped in my mind this morning so I thought Id share this insanity with you all! Hope you like and find some others you love too!

Oh and just a quick random fact...They announced on Kathy Lee and Hoda (Today Show) that being a Lumberjack is the worst job according to a recent study. So there you go.


  1. Thank you thank you thank you, Spicy Chicken!

    1. No...THANK YOU! :-) I seriously LOVE these videos.