One of Those Days...

How is that we can be so busy sometimes and yet you haven't actually got anything done?? It always amazes me. I think I'm a pretty amazing multi-tasker but sometimes no matter how good you are at it there is just nothing you can do to save the day and be productive.

Its noon. I've been up for 5 ½ hours and I have yet to accomplish a single thing on my to do list except for feed and diaper Nae Nae. Im no longer even going to reference my “to do list” and just continue to waste the day. Instead of finally beginning to pack my first box for the move I have:
-Had an unexpected visit from buyer of this house...wanted to measure the refrigerator area (we are taking current one with us) In process of this “visit” he went ahead and told me the inspector found a small gas leak going to water heater. Shouldn't it be a law to tell current owners something like that immediately if found...NOT A WEEK LATER?????? hello!!! TOTALLY SCARY!!!! And to make matters worse that wasn't even our official inspection report back! He was just being considerate and telling me because he knew we needed it fixed for our safety! So we still haven't been“officially” notified of this gas leak.
-Then I call the gas company. They instruct me to get out of house..not allowed to touch anything electrical in house and not supposed to use my phone. They tell me not to even hang up from this current phone call and just set your phone outside and they will hang up on their end....OK, done. Next I woke the Nugget up from what had only been a 20 min nap at this point and had to take her into yard until gas company shows up 30 min later. (luckily it wasn't raining or snowing so being outside wasn't the end of the world.) Got it fixed and found out it was a super duper tiny leak. Whew. Thank God. I thought my whole house was going to explode within matter of minutes once I was told to get out of the house. Geez...I nearly had a heart attack.
-By the time this whole situation is over its time to feed Nugget her lunch.
-Now attempting a small nap before scheduled play-date.

So it looks like first box wont get packed until tomorrow. Not a BAD day but not how I planned it either. It's just one of those situations where all I want to do is go back to bed so I can wake up and start all over. Luckily this afternoon is sure to be fun with the kiddos together and then I'm making tacos for dinner. My mouth has been watering over making tacos since I got up this morning. Keeping my eye on the prize....keeping my eye on the prize people. :-) Oh and I guess now I can consider it a little tiny bonus of the day is that I haven't died in an explosive gas fire situation.

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  1. Wow since your surprise visitor actually brought a gift with his info you need to make sure and leave him a gift. . . maybe Lexi