Original Art.

We were in Barnes and Noble. One of our favorite spots to grab a coffee and go relax together. We were browsing the home décor and design books when the most incredible idea of my life came to me. It happened as this song came on with somewhat a heavy drum/african beat. It just captivated me. I was movin....I was groovin- -in my head anyway. Thoughts began to flow. I was feelin it, you guys. Now my first idea was a little extreme (shocking, I know!). It involved what I thought would be railroad ties and steel bars. This idea was super intense and urgent. I demanded we cut our “relaxing” date to B&N short and go to the car so I could sketch this out for the Turkey to build. He wasn't even sure what was going on. I couldn't even really speak to him because I was so consumed with ideas and the music. All he really knew was he was automatically involved in whatever idea I had just come up with and he knew it most likely would involve work on his end. 

To the Turkey, all I can say is: this is the risk you run being married to me....you never know what you are in for. :-)

OK back to being in the car and my sketching....I drew it out and told him we immediately needed to get 4 railroad ties. He followed by telling me I was out of my flippin mind and he would NOT be doing anything with railroad ties. So I revised my plan..I pulled it back a bit and said ...ok well how about only 3 railroad ties. He replied yet again that THERE WILL BE NO WORK WITH RAILROAD TIES....but he was actually intrigued. He suggested 4X4's instead. Turkey thought these might be more manageable and more to scale with our house anyway. He had a good point. What I initially had thought with the railroad ties would have been absolutely INSANE in our small ranch house!

***This story really can go on and on and I promise Im trying to make it as short as possible. Although every time I tell it, it usually just gets longer. 

FUN FACT: I think ALL projects will take like 1 hour tops.

We go to Home Depot and get necessary supplies. The wood 4x4's and steel rods, the wood stain. Next, go home and Tom cuts the wood according to my design. We were already going on like 2 hours and this point. As we start to lay things together we realize we need a spacer between all wood pieces. Back to Home Depot we go. It was during this trip that we had a really hard time finding what we had in mind for such spacers (size and look). I actually sat down in the isle and cried like a 2 year old. This really isn't a lie. I promise I ACTUALLY had a fit in the middle of Home Depot. We were well beyond my one hour cap on the project and I was hungry and all my coffee from B&N had worn off. Tom had to make a game time decision. He quickly chose a spacer that was less than satisfying according to our design. He knew that we had to sacrifice design so I could eat. As you all know, I'm borderline violent and on the cusp of death if I get too hungry. He took this one for the team. He had to feed me...and QUICK.

Ok, belly full, Im happy. Back to house we go. Im feeling energized so I add in a whole new design aspect to the project. Lets distress the wood before staining!!! So I got out the hammer, nails, a chain, sandpaper, and away I went. Got 3 sides stained. Unfortunately this had to be the quitting point for the day. The stain needed to dry before I could flip the wood and get the last side and it was getting late. I don't even know how many hours in we were.

Next morning bright and early we got our spacers added in between the pieces and got the back stained. Shes all done. Time to hang her up.
BALLS!!! THIS MOTHER EFFER IS SO FRIGGIN HEAVY!!!! It weighed AT LEAST as much as a car. AT LEAST! Being a tiny bit frustrated with how long this was taking I wanted to call in reinforcements to help hang but the Turkey was motivated and felt like we could really do it. UGH. Ok. After realizing how much this beast weighs we also had to re-think our planned method to hang it above our bed. First studs in the wall were absolute must. Back to Home Depot we go for more hardcore and substantial hardware to hang this with. ugh!

After a major struggle to hold this thing above my head as he hung each side we got 'er done. Shes beautiful. Our favorite piece in the whole house. Truly a one of a kind....


  1. I LOVE IT!!! You are so creative :)

  2. Thanks! It really is like most fav. masterpiece I've ever created!