Happy Monday to all!

I began my Monday by breaking the “rules” and ate left over pizza for breakfast. Who decided whats appropriate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, anyway? I mean honestly, I like “breakfast food” better for dinner and I always crave “dinner food” in the A.M. The Today Show today had this amazing cooking segment of steak served over smashed potatoes and Im freaking drooling now and it's 10 A.M. But back to breakfast for dinner- Almost everyone I know LOVES to do this little switch-a-roo. So why do we continue to think of these dishes as “breakfast foods”? And while Im on the topic it pisses me off that I cant get a cheeseburger during “breakfast hours” at McDonald's and sometimes I need a hash-brown for a snack during the day. I feel like this food preference discrimination. Don't tell me what I can and can't have off your menu. I want what I want and I want it NOW! Maybe I should really go with this....Maybe I should really make a big deal out of this....Wait, Maybe I just did.

Also in regards to “breaking the rules/laws” I think it would be a hoot to have a party themed like that. For instance we could all get out a one dollar bill and write on it or everyone could bring their mattress and we can rip the tags off all the while having omelets, french toast, and OJ for the dinner part! Ok, Ok, I know this is extreme but I think I've just thought of new big thing! Out with the jewelry parties and in with the EXTREME Rule breaking PARTYING!!!

This might be an interesting week given what I'm concerning myself with on this Monday morning, just 5 days before moving. Geesh....say a prayer for my sanity.

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  1. Ha while your at it tell Subway I like their Western Egg breakfast sandwich for lunch. How can they cut that off at 11:00 they don't know what time I get up, it might be my breakfast at 2:00. Everything is right there in their fixins' table and the egg is clearly frozen. . . what't their point?